How to crack UPSC? Highly Effective Guide for UPSC Exam

How to crack UPSC? Highly Effective Guide for UPSC Exam

In this article, we will be learning how to crack UPSC in first attempt. We will be sharing with you the nine mantras that will help the aspirants to get a definite chance to get selected for a bright career in the world of UPSC. 

Highly Effective Mantra’s on How to Crack UPSC Exam:

Analyze the UPSC Syllabus:

You have to thoroughly understand the UPSC syllabus by going through it bit by bit. Make sure, you find, strategize and categorize the topics according to your strength and weakness. Work on the topics you are weak at, and make yourself perfect in the strong areas.

Most of the IAS aspirants make the mistake of not going through the UPSC syllabus and planning it accordingly at first, and this leads to a loss in the UPSC battle. 

Work on your Fundamentals:

The stronger the base of the house will be, the more time it will sustain itself from the natural calamities. The same is with the UPSC. You should work on the fundamentals right along when you start looking at the strategies for how to crack UPSC exam. This will help you to have a vast knowledge and a clearer idea about all the used concepts and outcomes.

You can go through the Explanatory Notes for UPSC. This will give you an edge over the other IAS aspirants. Make sure, you don’t miss this pointer and implement it for a better outcome.

Prepare yourself to be an IAS:

Many candidates ask the question about how to crack UPSC exam. Well, you need to prepare and develop yourself in such a way, that people should know you are capable of being an IAS officer. Have quality discussions with your friends and family.

Participate in the discussions online where people talk about ongoing things. This helps in your exams as well as during your IAS interviews too. This will help in giving your IAS vision a push.

Rigorous Revision after completion of each topic:

After getting over with several topics every day, you should ensure that you revise everything which you have read at least once. Make a habit of making notes of the important pointers. Jotting down pointers helps you to ensure that you are following enough strategies on how to crack UPSC exam. As you will save a lot of time by just going through the notes, rather than going through the book once again.

There is a famous quote by Kelly Barnhill: That’s the magic of revisions – every cut is necessary, and every cut hurts, but something new always grows.

Appear and Practice Mocks as much as possible:

You have read an entire chapter. How will you ensure that you have aced it? Yes, you guessed it right, by going for Mock Tests. Solve the previous year question papers to get a clearer idea about the type and pattern of the UPSC questions.

This will help you in evaluating many things to get cleared through how to crack UPSC exam:

  • How much your concepts have been cleared out.
  • How much time you take to solve the problems.
  • How much difficulty are you facing while solving a certain problem or not?
  • Going through last year’s papers and solving the questions from the specific topics which you have already read gives you a headstart over your competitors. 
  • Make sure you follow the practice of giving mock tests every day or thrice a week to keep yourself updated and prepared enough to crack UPSC. So, one coming day you will not be looking for how to crack UPSC exam. Rather, you will write an article on UPSC which will help the aspirants in a much better way.

Follow Legitimate Sources:

Don’t fall prey to the traps, where you will get improper suggestions and illegitimate materials, which will impact negatively on your marks from the UPSC exam. Only follow the sources that give you accurate data. The important topics by materials shall be verified by the website as well as the books you prefer shall be full of quality content and must be advised by the UPSC Top Rank Holders.

Don’t make the mistake of searching and getting every kind of material for free. Invest some money to get the best materials, as you are betting your career against it. Don’t hesitate to spend some money on books as the returns will be exponential. As you’re looking for strategies on how to crack UPSC, make sure you are investing a few bucks as well as your time.

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Read Current Affairs Every Day:

The most effective method to crack UPSC exam is by making a routine of going through current affairs every single day. This will help you in growing your content part and you will see the change in yourself after doing this continuously for 30 days. IAS aspirants work on everything and they always make sure that their day shall be full of learning and at least not a waste.

Don’t procrastinate when you are preparing yourself for the big race i.e. How to crack UPSC. General Studies is extremely important. This will push you off the track from the rest of the aspirants.

Current Affairs improve your readability and this will also help you in saving a little time while going through the question papers in the UPSC exam. Everything you do will benefit you and shape your career for a better you.

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Cut the Fear of Failure:

Fear of failure will land you nowhere in this competitive world. You need to keep working on formulas on how to crack UPSC exam. You should believe and have faith in yourself that no doubt whatever the circumstances are, no doubt how many problems you are facing, and no doubt how much you feel left out from the ones who have everything around themselves for better preparation.

Everything will come in your favor one day and that day will change your life. So, make sure you are giving your blood and sweat every single day till you clear UPSC. “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” You need to believe yourself as there are people who are still searching for hacks on how to crack UPSC exam without coaching.

Stay Confident and Motivated:

Your attitude creates a difference between you and your competitors. Your IAS vision sets you to be different from the rest of the crowd. You are not a sheep who should follow the herd. You are a Lion, who walks alone and creates his path. 

  • Follow schedules of sleeping properly for 8 hours.
  • Exercise or meditate for a peaceful mind.
  • Have a balanced healthy diet.
  • After getting admit cards, check your exam timings and make a habit of doing preparations and giving mocks during that period every day for a couple of months. This will help you in being energized and focused enough on how to crack UPSC exam. 
  • And last but not the least, stay confident, believe in yourself, and keep motivating yourself till cracking IAS. 
  • Everything looks so simple after it has been achieved.

Let’s categorize into three types and see which type you are:

Type 1: Civil Services Exam are difficult for those who just practice for some days and when one difficult problem arises, they give up.
Type 2: But UPSC Civil Service is moderate for those, who practice hard for months, and just before a couple of months for the exam, they procrastinate and score average marks.
Type 3: And are extremely easy for those, who are working every single day till the exam day. These people are determined and willing to work hard because they don’t just dream for UPSC, they are working harder every day to achieve the dream. So, you need to choose who you are going to be in this competitive yet happening exam.

We hope, this article on “How to crack UPSC Exam” has helped you out in some way or the other. Best wishes for your exam. Do write your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

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