How can a good GATE score fetch you a great job?

Nowadays, ME/ students are given a priority during placements by the recruiting companies. More jobs in R&D departments generally are offered to GATE qualified candidates as compared to BE/B.Tech students. It is an opportunity for a student to get technical profile jobs in their dream companies. If you are GATE qualified with a good score, you will for sure be offered high packages by top rated institutions.

PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) are companies that are owned by the government either fully or through a majority stake. Most of them are involved in industries that require massive investments and are necessary for public welfare, such as the Oil Industry, Banking, Power Industry etc.

Following are the advantages of  working in a public sector jobs:

  • Lucrative starting salaries, often higher than equivalent private sector positions are offered by the PSUs. In addition, there are many other monetary benefits of working at a PSU, such as free medical insurance, retirement benefits, easy to get loans, performance based incentives etc.
  • Another benefit which you get by working at a PSU is the tremendous job security which a government job offers. In an unstable economic environment, it is an invaluable asset to know that it is highly unlikely that you will lose your job, even if the economy goes through a difficult phase. The pay scale of PSUs are worth comparable and at times much higher than the private entities.
  • Moreover, after the implementation of sixth pay commission recommendations, the salaries have increased exponentially. The facilities or the allowances are add-ons. For example, Indian Oil has offered a package of 11 lakh, this year.
  • Various programmes like cultural events, festivals, games, etc. are organised from time to time for the employees. During the training, trainees get all kinds of experience right from PT drills to cultural programmes.  On the whole, the employees get to experience a holistic lifestyle. Also, the work schedule here is not as demanding and hectic as that of the private companies.

You have tons of opportunities after you get a great GATE score. Getting a great score is not less than an achievement. Once you have achieved a good score you can use your score to fulfil your dreams of working in a top company or getting into the so called “Ivy league” colleges.  There are nearly 217 Public Sector Undertakings in India and most of them select candidates through the GATE scores. These include ONGC, NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, HPCL, BPCL, Power Grid etc. The pay packages ranging from 6 lakhs to 11 lakhs per annum and is comparable to similar private sector jobs.

The perquisites and the level of job security is unmatched in these positions.

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