GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022

GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022

GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022: GATE Electrical Engineering 2022 paper analysis contains the overview of the exam, the difficulty level of each paper, types of questions asked, and much more.

Along with the GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper analysis 2022, candidates will find unofficial GATE answer key as well.

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GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022

GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022 will be provided to you here, by KopyKitab’s Exam experts after the completion of the GATE EE 2022 Exam. The GATE paper analysis for EE will cover the good attempts, difficulty level of the paper, memory-based questions of the Electrical paper. 

The GATE Examination for the Electrical Engineering department can be held within side the Morning Shift which goes to be held from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Get the previous year GATE Exam Analysis below. 

GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2021

Electrical Engineering is one of the core branches of the Engineering Field. The GATE Exam for Electrical Engineers is majorly divided into 3. The paper consists of 65 questions worth 100 marks.

The exam pattern is as follows

  • 72% are from the core subject syllabus.
  • 15% are General Aptitude.
  • 13% from Engineering Mathematics.
  • The Difficulty degree of the GATE Electrical Engineering 2021 may be furnished underneath together with the specific analysis.
  • By checking the analysis, the applicants can recognize the weightage, issue degree of the paper, etc.
  • The ordinary issue of the examination changed into Easy to Moderate.
  • Numerical Type Questions had been requested extra than MSQs.

GATE EE Paper Analysis 2021 Highlights

GATE EE paper 2021 was reported to be of moderate difficulty level with power system and electric circuits covering the highest weightage among all the topics. 

  • There were no MSQs
  • Compared to previous year trends, the weightage to electrical machine topic was a little less.
  • Apart from power system and electric circuits, other topics that had the most weightage were- Signals & Systems, Power Electronics, and Control Systems

You can get the entire information concerning the GATE Electrical Engineering Paper Analysis 2021 from the underneath article. Read to recognize extra.


Topic Wise GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2021

Topic  Difficulty level
Electrical Machine Moderate
Network Easy-Moderate
Control System Easy
Maths Easy-Moderate
Signal System Easy
MOSFET Moderate-Difficult
Diode, Op-Amp, Measurement  Easy-Moderate
Analog circuit Moderate-Difficult
Aptitude Easy
Power System Moderate
Power Electronics Difficult
Single Phase Easy-Moderate
Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMFT) Difficult

GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2021 On Division of Questions

Subject 1 Mark Questions 2 Mark Questions
General Aptitude 05 05
Engineering Mathematics 04 04
Signals and Systems 02 03
Electro Magnetics 02 02
Electrical Machines 02 03
Analog Circuits 02 02
Digital Circuits 01 01
Power Systems 04 04
Control Systems 02 03
Electric Circuits 03 04
Power Electronics 01 04
Electrical Measurements 02 0

GATE EE Subject Wise Marks Distribution 2021

Name of the Topic Percentage of Marks
General Aptitude 15
Engineering Mathematics 12
Signal and Systems 08
Electromagnetic 06
Electronic Machines 08
Analog Circuits 06
Digital Circuits 03
Power Systems 12
Control System 08
Electric Circuits 11
Power Electronics 09
Electrical Measurements 02

Other Important Information for GATE Electrical Engineering 2022 Exam

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FAQs GATE Electrical Engineering Exam Paper Analysis 2022

What is the Weightage in Marks in GATE EE Exam?

General Aptitude: 15
Engineering Maths: 13
Subject Questions: 72

How is GATE 2021 EE paper?

The Electrical Engineering paper of GATE consists of 65 questions out of which 10 questions are from General Aptitude and 55 from the subject.

Are 2 years enough for GATE Preparation?

Toppers who recommended you to go through only standard books may have taken 2-3 years to crack GATE with good AIR or he/she may be preparing since the 2nd year of engineering for GATE.

What will be the difficulty level of GATE 2022?

The difficulty level of the exam was moderate to difficult. 

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