GATE 2016: Polish your weaker areas to shine in the test

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is vital for engineering and science students as it tests the relative performance level of the students. GATE 2016 is scheduled to take place from January 30, 2016 to February 7, 2016. GATE is conducted by a committee consisting of the IISc and seven IITs. The GATE score is used for admission to ME/M.Tech courses in various institutes as well as for recruitment in various PSUs.

Preparation for GATE is not difficult but students need to be consistent in their preparation as it checks the performance of students right from the first year to the final year. Few students start their preparation early and get good time to analyse their weak areas and prepare accordingly, but students starting later will have to smartly analyse their weak zones and make their preparation strategy.

It is advisable for a student to take a mock test as it gives a detailed section wise performance report. Based on the report, a student gets to know which areas he/she has a good hold on and areas which needs more attention. While making their preparation strategy one has to allot more practice time for the topics they are weak in and simultaneously continue practising other topics, thereby giving equal importance to the entire syllabus. If a student feels that the concepts are not clear in any topic, then it is advisable to take external assistance, a short term course or an online tutorial which can help in understanding concepts and in channeling efforts in the right direction. These tutorials also provide relevant study material and tons of practice questions which makes it easier for the students to prepare. It is also important for the students to check if they are under-performing in a test due to silly calculation errors in which case, the students will have to work towards increasing their concentration levels. A few minutes of yoga, meditation or other brainexercise activity everyday should help.

Allotting 3-4 hours daily with a rigorous schedule should be sufficient for a student to work on his/her weak areas before the exams. Regular practice, continuous assessment and constant improvement is the only key to overcome his/her weakness and excel in the exam. Prepare well according to the strategy and do well. All the best.

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