Expert Month Wise Study Plan to crack ESE (IES) Exam

March: Read thoroughly all Subjects of Paper-II  & take short notes on:

Analog Electronics, Digital electronics, Microprocessor 8085, An introduction to analog and digital communication, Control System, Microwave (On Your Choosen Stream Subjects)

Sure Shot Useful Tips for Success:
1. The syllabus of Paper-II subjects are sort of not limited & too wide. How much you read  it is not enough.  And good thing is that not only the syllabi of Paper-I subjects are limited but also they are relatively easy & highly scoring. We have seen people who have already scored more than 150 in Conventional of Paper-I.

2. There is one book named “Electronic Communication System by Kennedy”. It contains Analog, Digital ,optical fiber, satellite communication, radar, Tx-line,waveguide & microwave devices too. The best part is in ESE exam many question come directly (as it is) from the set of questions given at the end of each chapter in that book.

April: Previous Year Objective Type Question Papers Practice (this is the most important part in the preparation)
We suggest you to use previous year papers from us, Set Timer for 2hr. Now let the game begin.  (It’s Real Exam Environment, Isn’t it?).

Now 2 hr is over. Now the real exercise starts. You have to check 120 questions by yourselves. You will ended up with 3 types:

1. Questions that u have done correctly ( thanks to yourselves & be happy)

2. Questions u have attempted & not correct ( U have to look immediately that portion from book/ note whatever, make a short note of that area on that question paper itself)

3. Questions u have skipped (not attempted): Action is similar to Part 2

Bottom line is, it is no more 120 questions for you but now you are looking at 120 concepts.

Initially you will score less marks only, but later you will start scoring more marks. The moment you woul touched 150 marks, you can get the feel that you are going to crack IES this year.

At least solve last 10-year question of both Paper-I & paper-II in the way described above.

May:  Revision, GS& Conventional

It’s  time to revision your short notes that u have made & anything u have missed in Feb &March.

GAT Paper:

General English & General Studies:  People generally do not prepare English & General Studies due to time constraint & that way they make a terrible mistake. If u get120/130 in GAT paper, your life will be much easier & ur chance of becoming Topper will be very high. Put some effort in English too.

Prepare General Studies:

History: Only Modern India History from NCERT book (Class XI NCERT Books & Class XII NCERT Books)

Geography: NCERT Book Class XI NCERT & X (really awesome), study with Map/Atlas

Life Science: NCERT books

Polity: Selected portion from book by M Laxmikanth

Environmental topics, Climate change & Biodiversity, UNs etc: From different Websites

Conventional: I didn’t practiced conventional questions atall, that does not mean I was not prepared.  As far as conventional is concerned,  what I did was,  just had a look at IES made easy conventional book to know what type of questions are being asked & from which area and to figure out those hot spots.  Prepare those hot spots well. But I knew that I have to focus in Conv Paper-I to get a good score & I did fairly well.

Some important points that will help you  a lot in Conventional Paper

1. Try to maximize as much as u can in Paper-I.(prepare Paper-I thoroughly)

2. You have to write very precisely & to the point, otherwise 3hrs won’t be enough.

3. Make good diagrams whenever needed. (no need of using color pens)

4. Write first two questions (out of five) very well, it will lead a good impression for the examiner.

We strongly recommend practicing at least one conventional paper of each in real time environment so that you will come to know what can go wrong in the exam.

We must say in between this month you revise those short notes that you have made earlier. Give exam for objective papers as in real time exam environment with same time as in real IES exam (9-11 am Obj Paper-I & 2-4pm Obj Paper-II on same day). It will definitely help u a lot.

JUNE: (Last 10 days): only revision

You must have a short notes such that you can revise entire syllabus within two days. Revise ur GK.

Few things we want to say “Quantity does not matter, its always Quality”. How many hours you are studying is irrelevant, how effectively u r studying is important.

Believe in yourselves. There may be thousands or lakhs of students preparing for it. People are taking coaching, studying for years (full time, without doing any job). Yah its true, but its also true that people are cracking it in first attempt. Be the champion of your own heart.

Many says time available to me is not enough or its too late for this year etc. Trust us, sincere studies of 5-6 month are good enough. IES is not tough, what really tough is sticking to your plan and executing it.

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