eBooks – How Does it Work ?

eBook display text on the screen, allowing users to page through the content, search the text, and hyperlink to online resources or toother parts of the e-book, such as citations, other chapters, or anindex. Many e-books integrate multimedia with the textual component. In one example, an e-book that discusses a piece of classical
music includes an audio file of that music. Readers can listen to the music as they read about its characteristics and its composer. Other texts include still images or movie files relevant to the topic at hand, or tools such as a digital physics simulator, that help bring content alive. Further e-book functionality depends on theĀ  hardware and software used, with features available in different combinations for particular e-book products. These functions include printing, copying and pasting, annotating text (and in some cases sharing those notes with others), and reading e-books on portable devices.

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