CSVTU Exams Question Papers – BE II SEM – Basic Civil Engineering – 2009

BE (2nd Semester)

Examination,Nov-Dec -2009

Basic Civil Engineering

Q1)  (a) Give the initial and final setting times of ordinary Portland cement.

(b) Write the names & functions of various essential and harmful ingredients in brick earth .How bricks are classified?

(c) Give short notes on:-

(i) Physical & chemical classification of stones

(ii)Uses of white cement

(d)    Give the distinctions between O.P.C,Pozzolana and the slag cement.

Q2)  (a)    Define workability

(b)   Define cement concrete and describe its properties. Explain the M-10 , M-15 and M-20 grades and give mix proportions for them.

(c)    Give short notes on :

(i)    Coarse and fine aggregates.

(ii)   Fineness modulus of aggregate

(d)   Give the conventional symbols for various  electrical items / fittings

Q3)  (a)    Define the term local attraction .

(b)   The Following bearings were observed while traversing with a compass

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            45 degree 45’                                                     226 degree 10’

BC                                             96 degree 55’                                                     227 degree 75’

CD                                             29 degree 45’                                                     209 degree 75’

DE                                             324 degree 48’                                                   144 degree 48’

Mention which stations were affected wit local attraction and determine the correct bearings?

(c)   Explain the following terms :

(i)     Base line & tie line

(ii)    W.C.B and R.B

(d)    What are the essential conditions for selecting the survey stations? Specify

Q-4 (a)    Define contour ?

(b)   Explain the following terms :

(i)  Leveling (profile and fly)

(ii) Bench mark and its types

(c)  The following staff readings were observed successively with the level ,the instrument having been moved after 3rd ,6th and the 8threadings.2.228, 1.606, 0.988, 2.090, 2.864, 1.262, 0.602, 1.982, 1.044, 2.684 meters. Enter the above readings in a page of a level field

Book and calculate the R.L. of points if the first reading was taken with the staff held on a B.M. of 432.384 meter.

(d)   Describe with the help of sketches the characteristics of contours.

Q-5 (a)    Define the term bearing capacity of soil.

(b)   Give the comparison between R.C.C framed structures and the load bearing structure.

(c)    Give the various causes of settlement of foundation.

(d)   Give short notes:

(1)    Mat or Raft foundation

(2)    Under reamed pile foundation

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