CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Basic Civil Engineering – 2006

BE (2nd Semester)


Basic Civil Engineering


1. (a) What are the different important stones that they are used for construction work? Explain the uses of each of them.

(b)Explain in detail moulding of bricks. What is the difference between hand moulded bricks and machine moulded bricks.

(c)Why seasoning of timber is done? What are the different methods of seasoning of timber?


2. (a) What do you understand by initial final setting time of cements? Explain in detail the tests performed for detecting initial and final setting time of cement.

(b)What are different ingredients of concrete? In what proportion they are mixed for M-10, M-15 and M-20 grades of concrete? What do you understand by M?

(c)Explain the following in detail:

(i) Slump test

(ii) Compression test of concrete

(iii) Workability of concrete

(iv) Curing


3. (a) What points should be kept in mind while selecting survey station and survey lines.

(b)What do you understand by local attraction? How is it detected and eliminated?

(c) (i)Convert the following whole circle bearing to quadrantal bearings:

(i) 22°30′         (ii) 170°12′

(iii) 211°54′     (iv) 327°24′

(v) 174° 12′

(ii)Convert the following Q.B. to W.C.B.:

(i) N 12°24rE   (ii) S 31°36rE

(iii)S 68°6’W    (iv)N 5°42’W   (v) 536° ICE


4. (a) Explain the following terms: .

          (i) Back sight

(ii) Intermediate sight

(iii) Fore sight

(iv)Change point

(v)Reduced level

Explain temporary adjustment of dumpy level.

(b) The following staff readings were observed successively with level, the instruments having been moved forward after second, fourth and eighth readings: 0.875, 1.235, 2.310, 1.385, 2.930, 4.125, 0.120, 1.875, 2.030, 3.765

The first reading was taken with the staff held upon a B.M. of elevation 132.135 m. Enter the reading in level book form and reduce the levels. Apply usual checks.

(c)Show the following features using contours:


(ii)Ridge line


(iv)Gentel slope

(v)Vertical cliff

   UNIT- V

5. (a) Write common impurities in water. How do they affect water equality? Give common treatments method to remove them.

(b)What do you understand by bearing capacity of soil? What considerations are to be taken for deciding type of foundation?

(c)What do you understand by foundation? Explain different types of deep and shallow foundation with neat sketches.

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