CSVTU Exam Question Papers Environment And Ecology 1st Sem May 2009

  CSVTU Exam Question Papers

Environment And Ecology 1st Sem May 2009



Q1. (a) What is the main objective of EIA ?


Draw the various ecological pyramid of forest ecosystem Attempt any two

(b)  Compare Grassland and pond ecosystem on the basis of abiotic component producers, consumers and decomposers.

(c) Explain various energy flow model with diagram, relating with thelaws of  thermodynamics and state the importance of energy

flow model in an ecosys term,

(d) Describe the cycling of nitrogen in ecosystem and state its role environments pollution.


2 (a) Differentiate between mist “and fog.


Write the various chemical reactions involved in acid it formation. Attempt any two parts

(b)Discuss the two major global environmental problems v|f diagram an their control methods.

(c) Discuss the effect of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter on the following .

(i) Health (ii) Plants and animals (iii) Materials

(d) How the selection of air pollution control equipment is done ? Explain will diagram two dry type mechanical collectors

to control particulate pollution


Q3. (a) Name four micro-organisms involved in the .trickling filter of waste water treatment plant.


State the difference between cultural eutrophication and natural eutrophi cation.

Attempt any two parts

(b) Draw a schematic diagram of waste water treatment plant and discuss.The steps involved in primary treatment with

suitable diagram.

(c) Explain the method of determination of dissolved oxygen in water sample steps involved in primary treatment with

suitable  diagram.  giving suitable reaction. Write the importance of DO, BOD and COD.

(d) Discuss the sources and effects of the following water pollutants.

(i) Turbidity  (ii) Heat  (iii) Synthetic organic compounds (iv) Metals (v) Nitrate and phosphate


Q4 (a) Write the toxic effect of pesticides.


Draw a neat and labelled diagram of soil profile. Attempt any two parts :

(b)  What is MSW ? Explain the method of disposal of MSW appropriate diagram. Write the advantages and shortcomings  of the

operated disposal method.

(c)   Explain the status of recycling of any four reclaimed materials. Why recycling is the most important practice with in the

waste management hierarchy ?

(d) Write an informative note on

(i)  Physiological and psychological effect of noise pollution

(ii) Decibel Scale


5. (a) What do you understand by the term energy crop ?


Write two main application of biotechnology in food and beverages

(b) Discuss the role of any four bio fertilizers which is practice  in modern days


Write the advantage and disadvantage of surfactants.

(c) Discuss the pollutants liberated from the following industries their bio-technological remediation.

(i) Paper Industries (ii) Leather Industries


Write an in formative notes on any two:

(i) Biosensors (ii) Biochips (iii) Pesticides Industry

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