CSTU Question Paper – Environment and Ecology – II SEM – 2010

Environment & Ecology

(BE 2nd sem ,April-May 2010)

Branch–  AEI,Chemistry,Civil,CSE,Elect,EEE,EI,ET & T ,IT, Mech,Mining



Q1 ) (a) Who coined the term Eco system

(b) What is Ecological Pyramids? Describe Different Kinds of Ecological Pyramids

(c) Write short notes on (any two) :

1-Environmental Degradation

2-Oxygen cycle

3-Nutrient Cycling

4-Nitrogen Cycle

(d)What is EIA? What are the major steps taken in EIA? What are the advantages of conducting         EIA of a project?

                                                                               UNIT 2


Q2) (a) Write the effect of CO upon Hemoglobin.
(b) What are Green house gases? What is Green House Effect ? Explain causes, effects of global warming?

(c) Explain the principals of air pollution control? Name the different air pollution control technologies?

Discribe Electrostatic Precipitator with diagram?

(d) What is Ozone hole? State the significance of Ozone in the atmosphere? Name the ozone depleting

Gases? Describe how depletion of ozone layer in atmosphere is taking place?


Q.3 (a) Which Metal Pollution causes Black Food Disease?

(b) What is Eutrophication? Explain the method In detail. What are its types? Write its control and measures and effects?

(c) What is Secondary waste water treatment? Explain the working of trickling filter with appropriate diagram?

(d) Write short notes on (any two) :

1. Chemical oxygen Demand.

2. Tertiary Treatment of Water.

3. Water Pollutants.

4. Oxidation Pond.


Q.4 (a) Define unit of Noise.

(b) What is Solid Waste? Discuss the significance of Soil Waste Management? How 3R Strategy of Solid waste is carried out?

(c) Write short notes on (any two) :

1. Composting and its advantages.

2. Permissible Noise level.

3. Effects of Land Pollution.

4. Discuss the impact of Noise on Human Life? How the effects of Noise can be control?


Q.5 (a) Define Biofuel.

(b) Define Biotechnology? Explain the role of Biotechnology in the field of Environmental Protection.

(c) Write short note on (any two) :

1. Biofertilizers.

2. Bioreactors.

3. Biosensors.

4. Biochips.

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