Tips to crack NEET and AIIMS 2019 in first Attempt


Medical is one of the top profession which will have a great future ahead. If you are one among the medical aspirant, then here you go. It is a common question in all medical aspirants that how to prepare for NEET and AIIMS simultaneously? As there is a month left for NEET exam, it is high time to start your preparation. Here in this blog, we have provided tips from experts to crack NEET and AIIMS in the first attempt.

How to crack NEET and AIIMS in First Attempt?

The main focus area of NEET is to test the competence of the student in three major subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In terms of the weightage, Biology has double the weightage (maximum marks 360) in comparison to Physics (maximum) marks 180) and Chemistry (maximum marks 180).

The main focus area of AIIMS is to test the competence of the student in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Aptitude, and General Knowledge. AIIMS exam comprises of 200 questions which have to be completed in three and a half hours. Unline NEET, in AIIMS the weightage is same for all three main subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

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Tips to Crack NEET and AIIMS 2019

  • Firstly, students who are taking up NEET and AIIMS must be well versed with all the chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. By now, all class 12 students will be perfect with their subjective part as they are preparing for Class 12 Board Exams.
  • To start preparing for NEET and AIIMS, students must focus on each section by allocating 3 hours daily for each section. Spend time on solving more of Physics problems. You can refer to the best NEET Preparation Books available online.
  • In AIIMS, you have aptitude section. So give more time for this section. Solving more and more will improve your speed and accuracy. Refer to top sold AIIMS Preparation Books available online.
  • For the general knowledge section, go through daily newspapers in order to be aware of current affairs. Go through Current Affairs Books for updated news.
  • Among the 60 core subject question, 20 questions will be Assertion Reason which is kept to test the conceptual clarity and reasoning ability of the student.
  • The students need to put in a lot of effort to get the conceptual clarity and they need to develop reasoning ability to successfully navigate this testing area. You can refer to AIIMS Previous Year Question Papers for knowing various types of questions.
  • Apart from regular preparation, it is important to test your preparation levels. Once you are done with the preparation, you can take up Mock Test Series. During the last few days left for the exam, it is important you take up these tests.
  • You can improve the areas in which you are weak and improve your speed. You can even learn how to manage time efficiently during the exam.

In the next five weeks, the focus should be to have all the topics in Biology as an area of strength, 85% of topics in Chemistry as an area of strength, and 75% of topics in Physics as an area of strength. Thus, prepare well for the exams and score more.

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