Comprehensive Introductory Book On Basic Electrical Engineering


One Book For All Competitive Exam ‪#‎AMIE‬‪#‎GATE‬ and ‪#‎graduate‬ ‪#‎IETE‬.
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Theory And Problems Of Basic Electrical Engineering

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For the first time in India, we have a comprehensive introductory book on Basic Electrical Engineering that caters to undergraduate students of all branches of engineering and to all those who are appearing in competitive examinations such as AMIE, GATE and graduate IETE. The book provides a lucid yet exhaustive exposition of the fundamental concepts, techniques and devices in basic electrical engineering through a series of carefully crafted solved examples, multiple choice (objective type) questions and review questions. The book covers, in general, three major areas: electric circuit theory, electric machines, and measurement and instrumentation systems.

Key Features:
· Gives 1000 Examples.

· Provides 335 Multiple Choice (objective type) Questions.

· Furnishes a large number of Solved Examples.

· Contains 183 Review Questions.

· Gives 180 Unsolved Problems with Answers.

Elementary Concepts and Definitions. Fundamentals of Resistive Circuits. Fundamentals of Reactive Circuits. Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis of Circuits. Frequency Response, Resonance, Fourier Analysis and Two-port Networks. Three-phase Circuits. Circuit Analysis by Laplace Transformation. Magnetic Circuits and Induction, Coupled Circuits and EMEC. Transformers. EMF and Torque in Electric Machines. DC Machines. Synchronous Machines. Induction Machine. Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation. Electric and Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement. Suggested Further Reading. Index.

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