CSVTU – Exam Question Paper – II SEM – Basic Civil Engineering – 2010

BE (2nd Semester)

Examination,Apr-May -2010

                                                                                                                             Basic Civil Engineering



(a)    What is frog in a brick?

(b)   What are the tests conducted on burnt bricks? Explain Compression test and water absorption test for bricks.

(c)    Discuss various ingredients of Poland cement along with their functions.

(d)   Distinguish Between the following :

(i)                  Cast iron & Wrought iron  (ii)  Mild steel and Tor-steel


(a)    What do you mean by Fineness Modulus of aggregates?

(b)   Explain Workability of concrete and the factors on which it depends.Also explain slump cone method of determination of workability.

(c)    Write notes on following:

(i)                  Water Cement Ratio

(ii)                Curing of concrete

(iii)               Concrete mix proportion

(d)   Draw a  typical cross-section of building depicting-foundation,  plinth, flooring, window still, window, lintel,  chhajja  and slab.


(a)    Discuss in brief the principles of surveying .

(b)   Explain the following in brief:

(i)                  Perpendicular offsets and Oblique offsets

(ii)                True meridian and magnetic meridian

(iii)               Local attraction and magnetic declination.

(c)    Write short notes on following:

(i)Cross staff survey

(ii) Whole Circle bearing and Quadrental bearings

(d)   The Following bearings were observed in  running a closed traverse:

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            75 degree 5’                                                     254 degree 20’

BC                                             115 degree 20’                                                296 degree 35’

CD                                             165 degree 35’                                                345 degree 35’

DE                                             224 degree 50’                                                 44 degree 5’

EA                                            304 degree 50’                                                  125 degree 5’

At what stations do you suspect the local attraction ? Determine the corrected magnatic  bearings of all lines.


(a)    Describe the difference between HI and raise and fall method of computing the level.

(b)   Describe following terms in brief:

(i)                  Temporary adjustment of dumpy level

(ii)                Fly levelling and profile levelling

(iii)               Arithmetic check

(c)    The following consecutive readings were taken with a level and a 4m staff on a continuously sloping ground at a common interval of 30m .First reading was taken on BM of 100m.

0.880, 1.430, 1.890, 2.350, 2.865, 3.235, 1.050, 1.865, 2.135, 3.750, 0.865, 1.245, 1.755 and 2.645

Calculate the levels of different points by rising and fall method . Also calculate the gradient of the line joining the first and the last point

(d)what do you mean by contour lines ? describe the characteristics of contours with the help of sketches


(a)    Define safe bearing capacity and factor of safety for a soil

(b)   What are the functions of a foundation? Explain in brief the requirements of a good foundation.

(c)    What do you mean by raft foundation? explain    it with the help of neat sketch

(d)   Write  short notes on following :

(i)                  Differential Statement

(ii)                Trapezoidal combined footing

(iii)               Strap Footing

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