CBSE Super Refresher For Class 12 All Subjects

Kopykitab brings you the best selling super- refresher for CBSE Boar Class 12 Examination 2017.

This has lots of features that will help in scoring best in your subject:

  1. All important points highlighted – Points that need to be mastered and remembered
  2. Each chapter divided into convenient sections to make the contents easily comprehensible
  3. Vernacular support given wherever required.
  4. All Textual Activities and Exercises appended with suitable answers
  5. Higher Oder Thinking Skils (HOTS) and Value Based Questions dealt with in detail
  6. Compact, Precise and pithy answers in simple, lucid and idiomatic language
  7. Sufficient number of Model Test Papers for final Revision & Practice.

MBD CBSE Super Refresher For Class 12:

  1. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Physical Education For Class 12
  2. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Biology For Class 12
  3. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Chemistry For Class 12
  4. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Economics For Class 12
  5. MBD Super Refresher Mathematics For Class 12
  6. MBD Super Refresher Physics For Class 12
  7. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Political Science Class 12
  8. Modern abc Of Computer Science C ++ For Class 12

Go for it, now!

Happy Learning,
Team Kopykitab

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