CBSE Class 5 All Subject Syllabus

Understanding the patterns of the CBSE Class 5 Textbook Syllabus 2021 is the mind-blowing way to learn things with ease to ensure the effectiveness of the student’s performance. We all need somebody who can tell us the easiest and a clear path to reach our goals in the desired time frame. Hence, CBSE Class 5 Syllabus 2021 works in the same way ensuring that students get the best out of their time commitment and hard work.

In the case, parents or guardians want to inculcate a similar smartness level in their respective child or if you are the class 5 student searching for the syllabus, then I can tell you with confidence that this is the right page. CBSE Class 5 Syllabus 2021 shapes the overall mind of the student. The class 5 Syllabus 2021 consists of a total of 4 main subjects. The four most important and mandatory subjects are Environmental Science, English, Math, and Hindi. We have made it very easy for the teachers and the students to download the Class 5 Syllabus 2021 here. 

We have incorporated the pdf joined with every schedule for each course in the article beneath.

The CBSE Board will without a doubt be the most well-known Board in India after the ICSE and the State Board.

The course planned by the CBSE board is considered the most simplest and compelling among the understudies. It is quintessential for all the understudies to find out about the CBSE Board prospectus understand each subject with complete clearness in their brain. This will also avoid the hassle of bustle in the end. 

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Math 2021

One who can master Mathematics can master anything. Everything around us is straightforwardly or indirectly identified with Math. CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Math 2021 comprises the relative multitude of inquiries and answers for the clump 2021 evaluation grade 5 students.

Even the daily basic calculations need good math knowledge. Whether you want to choose finance & accounting in the future or Engineering and science, and Math will be required. It is a standard subject for every student to understand properly.  

In the event that you don’t comprehend Math today or clear your essential questions, presently then it is a lot of sure that you will be under serious issues as you clear each class.  Always use your logical mind, which gets plowed more and more with daily and timely practice. Each and every inquiry can be addressed in a unique way. Therefore, it depends on you which method suits you the best.

Albeit, knowing different techniques or you can say methods to tackle a similar inquiry, will help you in future assessments. Also, side by side learns all the shortcuts to solve questions. These shortcuts will be a blessing in disguise as you attempt more post-entry tests in the future.

This is the ‘direct link’ to download the CBSE Class 5 syllabus Math 2021 in PDF format. The attached link mentioned above is set to provide the in-depth syllabus of Math. 

Meanwhile, you can also have a look below to check how the syllabus in the PDF format will look like. 

UNIT – CHAPTER WISE NAME of CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Math 2021

Lesson 1 The Fish Tale

Lesson 2 Shapes and Angles

Lesson 3 How Many Squares?

Lesson 4 Parts and Wholes

Lesson 5 Does it Look the Same?

Lesson 6 Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

Lesson 7 Can You See the Pattern?

Lesson 8 Mapping Your Way

Lesson 9 Boxes and Sketches

Lesson 10 Tenths and Hundredths

Lesson 11 Area and its Boundary

Lesson 12 Smart Charts

Lesson 13 Ways to Multiply and Divide

Lesson 14 How Big? How Heavy?

To be successful, you need to invest the best effort possible! Practice at least 10 questions daily and become the best. Never study with the mindset that you just have to clear the exam, as by grasping the thing you may score well today but might lose in the future. To bridge this gap, always understand the basics. Once you have clarity about the basics of Math formulas, nobody can stop you from scoring well and clearing 90% of the entrance examinations. Every great thing starts today, so do not wait and start working hard.

CBSE has put everything applicable in the CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Math 2021for the evaluation of grade 5 understudies students. To score high marks, please make a rough notebook, where you practice one question in different ways. Make a point to follow the CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Math 2021 and be knowledgeable with all the 14 parts expressed above (formally affirmed by CBSE Board). Use the sample papers, worksheets, and question papers of the last ten years to become a champion in Math at such a young age.

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus EVS 2021

Each subject of understudy concentrates in class 5 has its significance yet the EVS turns into the subject that at last can change the whole vocation of the understudy. This class readies the understudy students so that they are smart enough in handling the difficulties they could run over later on. CBSE Class 5 Syllabus EVS 2021 is primarily important if the student wishes to pursue the field of medical science or engineering.

The authority specialists of CBSE Class 5 ensure that the understudy gets every essential data and gets prepared well such that he/she can stand anywhere later on with his/her insight and certainty. CBSE Class 5 Syllabus EVS 2021 epitomizes all the essential subtleties attached to each section portion, test time span, units, and so on to help students getting clarity about the work he has to do. 

This is the ‘direct link’ to download the CBSE Class 5 syllabus EVS 2021 in PDF format. You can utilize this link, as it will provide the detailed curriculum of Environmental Science Grade 5 all the subjects 2021. 

Meanwhile, you can also have a look below to check how the syllabus in the PDF format will look like. 

Chapter 1. Super Senses

Chapter 2. A Snake Charmer’s Story

Chapter 3. From Tasting to Digesting

Chapter 4. Mangoes Round the Year

Chapter 5. Seeds and Seeds

Chapter 6. Every Drop Counts

Chapter 7. Experiments with Water

Chapter 8. A Treat for Mosquitoes

Chapter 9. Up You Go!

Chapter 10. Walls Tell Stories

Chapter 11. Sunita in Space

Chapter 12. What if it Finishes…?

Chapter 13. A Shelter so High!

Chapter 14. When the Earth Shook!

Chapter 15. Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Chapter 16. Who will do this Work?

Chapter 17. Across the Wall

Chapter 18. No Place for Us?

Chapter 19. A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story

Chapter 20. Whose Forests?

Chapter 21. Like Father, Like Daughter

Chapter 22. On the Move Again

Class 5 students must be well versed with their syllabuses. EVS is one of the important subjects in grade 5. EVS assists grade 5 kids with knowing the things relatable to their environmental factors. It is one of those subjects whose knowledge becomes quintessential to clear the future entrance examinations. The CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Environmental Science ought to be at the fingertips of all the grade 5 students.  This will assist them with planning without losing track in the middle. CBSE advises all the aspirants of grade 5 students to learn the course according to the curriculum.

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Hindi 2021

CBSE Board has released the CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Hindi for the students going to appear for the 2021 examination year. CBSE makes sure that its student gets the quality education, so they have included all the important aspects required to learn Hindi subject for the grade 5 students. The CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Hindi 2021 covers all the chapters of the reader and Hindi grammar, units, sub-chapters, and even the marking scheme to make students comfortable with the Hindi subject at the very beginning of the start of their academic year. It is highly advised to all the students to check and keep a note of CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Hindi. 

This is the ‘direct link’ to download the CBSE Class 5 syllabus Hindi 2021 in PDF format. This link will provide the detailed syllabus of Hindi. 

Meanwhile, you can also have a look below to check how the syllabus in the PDF format will look like. 

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Hindi 

  1. अपनी-अपनी रंगतें

पाठ 1: राख की रस्सी (लोककथा)

पाठ 2: फसलों के त्योहार (लेख)

पाठ 3: खिलौनेवाला (कविता)

पाठ 4: नन्हा फनकार (कहानी)

पाठ 5: जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह (लेख)

  1. बात का सफ़र

पाठ 6: चिट्ठी का सफ़र (लेख)

पाठ 7: डाकिए की कहानी, कुँवरसिंह की जुबानी (भेंटवार्ता)

पाठ 8: वे दिन भी क्या दिन थे (विज्ञान कथा)

पाठ 9: एक माँ की बेबसी (कविता)

  1. मजाखटोला

पाठ 10: एक दिन की बादशाहत (कहानी)

पाठ 11: चावल की रोटियाँ (नाटक)

पाठ 12: गुरु और चेला (कविता)

पाठ 13: स्वामी की दादी (कहानी)

  1. आस-पास

पाठ 14: बाघ आया उस रात (कविता)

पाठ 15: बिशन की दिलेरी (कहानी)

पाठ 16: पानी रे पानी (लेख)

पाठ 17: छोटी-सी हमारी नदी (कविता)

पाठ 18: चुनौती हिमालय की (यात्रा वर्णन)


Learn and practice each and every session written above about  CBSE Class 5 syllabus 2021 such that you are among the toppers not the losers in your class. 

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus English 2021

The main authorities of the CBSE Behave have designed the CBSE Class 5 syllabus 2021 for Students going to appear for the class 5 school exams. They have covered all the important study materials relevant to the current scenario to score high marks, a student should check the entire syllabus in advance. This will inculcate confidence among students to perform well in the final examinations. From the basic use of grammar until how to speak English, the CBSE authorities in the CBSE Class 5 syllabus English have covered everything for the academic year 2021.

This is the ‘direct link’ to download the CBSE Class 5 syllabus English 2021 in PDF format. This link will provide a detailed syllabus of English. 

Meanwhile, you can also have a look below to check how the syllabus in the PDF format will look like. 

CBSE Class 5 syllabus English 

Unit 1: Ice-cream Man

Wonderful Waste!

Unit 2: Teamwork

Flying Together

Unit 3: My Shadow

Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint

Unit 4: Crying

My Elder Brother

Unit 5: The Lazy Frog

Rip Van Winkle

Unit 6: Class Discussion

The Talkative Barber

Unit 7: Topsy-turvy Land

Gulliver’s Travels

Unit 8: Nobody’s Friend

The Little Bully

Unit 9: Sing a Song of People

Unit 10: Malu Bhalu

Who Will be Ningthou?

Read the above syllabus of CBSE Class 5 syllabus English 2021 very carefully, such that you can bloom and shine in your final examinations. 

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the name of the subjects in CBSE class 5?

            There are a total of 5 subjects namely English, Hindi, Environmental Science, Computer and Math.

  1. Does the CBSE Board use the NCERT syllabus?

Yes, all the schools in India, which are affiliated with the CBSE board, use the NCERT Textbook materials. CBSE is a Board, which runs multiple institutions and completely suggests the NCERT books for its students. NCERT is responsible for guiding and assisting the state and central government for the academic affairs of the school education. 

  1. Which is the most difficult Board entire India in comparison to CBSE?

As compared to CBSE, the most difficult BOARD overall INDIA is ICSE and then State Board.

  1. Do the NCERT books remain the same throughout or they change every year?

More or less, it depends on the current requirement. If there is something new in the market that should be included in the course, then CBSE implements those changes else the syllabus remains the same throughout. 

Since we have provided all the important data concerned with the CBSE Class 5 Syllabus 2021, it is suggested that all the students going to appear for the 5th class exam to make the best use of it.  Always keep in mind, that in the final grade 5 examinations, the question paper is prepared directly from the NCERT books. Therefore, sticking entirely to the syllabus will make sure the student scores high marks in the exams. 

Know more here!

Hoping that the article on CBSE Class 5 syllabus 2021 beneficial to you in understanding the basics. Hope this made you find a direct route where you a clear-cut picture of what to study and how to study. Share below; in the case, you have had more questions about the CBSE Class 5 syllabus 2021.


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