CBSE Board exam: 5 things To Do

CBSE exams are not just about preparation and studying. They are also about smart management – both during preparation phase as well as during the actual test.

In this article, we shall give some expert tips to help you make best utilization of limited time during preparation phase.

Preparation phase is always uncomfortable. As the deadline approaches, discomfort increases even more. This is very natural. Instead of fighting it, accept it gracefully as a biological phenomenon like feeling hot in summers and cold in winters. This acceptance will itself take away major portion of stress and improve your performance.

To Do 1. Drink lots of water and fluid. Do not study without a water bottle besides you. Drink one liter water first thing in morning. And target drinking at least two liters in rest of the day in small sips. Don’t worry if that means more trips to restroom. It will flush out the toxins from the body and give you much needed regular breaks to maintain your performance. Reduce the consumption towards evening so that you can sleep well.

To Do 2. Eat lots of fruits of all kinds. Also include green vegetables.

To Do 3. Avoid junk food completely during exams. Do not eat heavy. Have 4-5 small meals and never fill your stomach to brim. Nor feel too hungry. Avoid water during and after meals for at least thirty minutes.

To Do 4. Exercise for a minimum of fifteen minutes daily. Yoga is the best choice. Light jogging is also good. Eat something within fifteen minutes of exercise.

To Do 5. Take a small break for few minutes every 40 minutes. Stretch lightly for half a minute during the breaks.

Incorporate these tips in your schedule to achieve targets and get outshining results in everything you do.

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