CA PE II Question Papers Group II Information Technology November 2007

CA PE II Question Papers Group II

Information Technology November 2007



This Paper has 44 answerable questions with 0 answered.

Total No. of Questions—7]
Time Allowed : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 100
Answers to questions are to be given only in English except in the cases of candidates who have opted for Hindi medium. If a candidate who has not opted for Hindi medium, answers in Hindi, his answers in Hindi will not be valued.
Question No.1 is compulsory
Answer any four from the rest
1. (a) Convert the following from one number system to another system along with the working notes: 5×1=5
(i) 2363.7510 = ()16 (0)
(ii) 23D.1516 = ()8 (0)
(iii) (1E12.12)16 = ()2 (0)
(iv) (310.04)8 = ()2 (0)
(v) (1111101111.11)2 = ()16 (0)
(b) Describe briefly, the following terms with reference to Information Technology: 5×1=5
(i) Band width (0)
(ii) Rotational delay time (0)
(iii) File Allocation Table (0)
(iv) BIOS (0)
(v) Concurrent processing (0)
(c) Give one or more reasons for each of the following: 5×1=5
(i) Need of auxiliary storage devices (0)
(ii) Use of video RAM (0)
(iii) Need of language translators (0)
(iv) Use of operating system (0)
(v) Use of intranet. (0)
(d) Write True or False for each of the following: 5×1=5
(i) Bubble memory is a volatile memory. (0)
(ii) Bridge is used to connect two similar networks. (0)
(iii) Optical laser disks use mechanical Read/write head for the purpose of reading and writing the data. (0)
(iv) Contents of PROM can be erased by ultra–voilet rays. (0)
(v) Financial accounting software is a system software. (0)
2. Distinguish between the following: 5×4=20
(i) Personal computing and Network computing. (0)
(ii) Online systems and Real time systems. (0)
(iii) Synchoronous transmission and Asynchronous transmission. (0)
(iv) Intranet and Extranet (0)
(v) Voice synthesizer and Voice recognition system (0)
3. (a) Explain the various advantages and disadvantages of direct access storage. 5 (0)
(b) Explain five components of Local Area Network (LAN). 5 (0)
(c) A computer file contains the customer name, type, bill number, bill date, amount and date of payment. The bill is generated according to the following rules:
If a customer is a dealer and pays his bill within 15 days, 5% discount is allowed. If he pays the bill between 15 and 30 days, the discount allowed is 2%. If payment period is more than 30 days but upto 60 days, 5% surcharge is levied. For payment after 60 days, 10% surcharge has to be paid.

If a customer is a manufacturer, the corresponding percentages are 7%, 5%, 7% and 12% respectively.

Draw a program flowchart to calculate discount, surcharge and net amount for each of the 20 customers. Also print total discount and surcharge paid by all the customers

10 (0)
4. (a) Discuss the services provided by Data Centres. 5 (0)
(b) What is an expert system? Explain its various components. 5 (0)
(c) What is Teleconferencing? Explain different types of teleconferencing. 10 (0)
5. (a) What is Electronic Data Intercharge (EDI)? How it works? 5 (0)
(b) Define the following terms related to MS–WORD:
(i) Text Wrap (ii) Headers and Footers (iii) Tab (iv) Indenting (v) Paragraph alignment.
5 (0)
(c) Explain the following terms with reference to presentation package:
(i) Slide timings (ii) Transition (iii) Tri–pane view (iv) Handouts (v) Notes.
5 (0)
(d) Define the following functions used in MS–EXCEL.
(i) TRUNG (ii) MOD (iii) PMT (iv) DISCOUNT (v) UPPER.
5 (0)
6. (a) Explain the concept of communication protocols. 5 (0)
(b) Explain the powers of Central Government to make rules as defined in Section 87 of IT Act, 2000. 5 (0)
(c) Explain “test data technique” of audit in a computerized environment with the help of test pack approach. 5 (0)
(d) Explain the facilities provided by financial accounting package. 5 (0)
7. Write short notes on the following. Answer any four: 5×4=20
(i) Virtual Memory (0)
(ii) Firmware (0)
(iii) Integrated Test Facility (ITF) (0)
(iv) Light pen (0)
(v) Distributed Database (0)

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