Board Exam Preparation For Class 10th & 12th

Board preparation is the most nerve – racking experience for any student.

  • For gaining a better insight into the exam pattern, a huge repository of CBSE previous year’s Solved Board Papers  is provided.
  • You can Prepare Online ,Just Register and Start Using  : CBSE 
  • You can Read Offline On Laptop/Desktop/Andriod Mobile/Tablet : 288179_GooglePlayBadge
  • CCE Short and Long Answer  tests provide intensive test sessions for sufficient practice.
  • The Sample Question Papers  specially designed by our subject experts allow adequate practice to face actual Board Examinations within the stipulated time duration.
  • Chapter wise Questions & Answers of question bank set in accordance with the exact marking scheme allow in depth understanding of important chapters including those with higher weightage.
  • The illustrative virtual lab experiments simplify complex scientific concepts, leading to easy recall of scientific procedures.
  • Important formulae, principles and laws are summarized for easy retention through the quick study tools.
  •  attempts to enhance the quality of learning while minimizing the contact hours of the students, giving them ample amount of time to learn, practice and test.

In this time period when you are about to begin ,  content equips Board students of CBSE Classes 10 and 12 to grasp complex concepts well in a limited available time and provides ample amount of practice by providing sample question papers,question banks.

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