Best CSIR NET Life Science Exam Books and Study Materials

Best CSIR NET Life Science Exam Books and Study Materials

Best CSIR NET Life Science Exam Books and Study Materials

Best CSIR NET Life Science Exam Books and Study Materials: It is almost time for The CSIR NET Life Science exam and a lot depends on the way you channelize your methods of preparation. The candidates who are aiming for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or Lectureship (LS) must understand that following relevant books forms the pillar of an effective strategy.

When you concentrate on the useful books along with the right kind of study materials your preparation will reach a new height. In this blog, we are going to talk about the 5 useful CSIR NET Life Science Books which will add new meaning to your forthcoming exam Life Science NET 2020 exam. 

Best CSIR NET Life Science Exam Books and Study Materials

Before you analyze the need to buy useful books as well as Best Study Material you must keep an eye on the information in connection with your upcoming exam. This national level examination exam is organized by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and University Grants Commission. The exam is usually held in June and December and this year it will take place from July to August. 

When you check the contents of CSIR Net Life Science Reference Books you will confident enough to structure the study materials and you will also get the energy to crack the exam with full confidence.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Book No 1

  • Name of the Book: CSIR-NET JRF Fundamentals of Life Sciences Vol- I and Volume II
  • Name of the Publication – CATALYST Center of Excellence. Pvt. Ltd
  • Name of the Author: Rupendra Singh

Features: CSIR-NET JRF Fundamentals of Life Sciences Vol- I and Volume II are the appropriate books for your upcoming Life Science exam because the first volume concentrates on the important topics like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolution, and Plant Physiology. Fundamentals of Life Science Vol II book cover subjects like Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Developmental biology, methods in biology & Immunology etc. If you want to secure a good position in this exam then you must purchase this book.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Book No 2

  • Name of the Book: Trueman’s UGC CSIR-NET Life Sciences 
  • Name of the Publication – Danika Publishing Company
  • Name of the Author:  Pramod Singh

Features: This book deals with all kinds of explanations that are related to the basics of Life Science. The book has been designed to meet the requirements of the candidates and you will be way ahead in terms of preparation when you go through the model question papers and the exclusive questions. Some of the important chapters are presented with better explanations. If you can get hold of this book you will be able to reach your dream destination with ease.

You can also follow CSIR NET Life Science Books in Hindi if you want to appear for the exam in Hindi medium. Seek help from the experts before purchasing a book that is presented in Hindi.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Book No 3

  • Name of the Book: UGC CSIR NET / SET (JRF & LS) Life Science
  • Name of the Publication: Arihant
  • Name of the Author: Quaisher J. Hossain, Prashant Kumar, Ashish Nagesh

Features: You will be left with zero queries when you go through the contents of this book. The essential parts have been handled with an extra bit of care in the form of Chapters in the book consists of flow charts, diagrams, pictures, tables, etc. If you are thinking about making a career in your preferred subject all night then you can try this book. You can follow the PDF file from your friends who are also getting ready for the Chemical Science exam.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Book No 4

  • Name of the book: CSIR NET Life Sciences Books (Vol I & II)
  • Name of the Publication: Gyan Bindu Publication
  • Name of the Author: Dr. Poonam Sharma

Features:  These books have all the materials which can channelize your methods of preparation in the right direction. The interesting thing about these books is the way the three units of the syllabus are highlighted. UNIT – 1 consists of molecules and their Interaction in connection with Biology. UNIT – 2 compromises of cellular organization, and UNIT – 3 deals with fundamental Processes. Volume II Includes: UNIT – 4: Cell Communication and signaling, UNIT-5: Developmental biology, UNIT-6: System physiology -Plant and UNIT-8: Inheritance Biology. Every single topic which is important for your forthcoming Life Science exam has been highlighted by giving attention to all the mentioned topics.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Book No 5

  • Name of the Book: CSIR-JRF-NET: Life Sciences Fundamentals and Practice Part 1 & Part 2
  • Name of the Publisher: Pathfinder Academy
  • Name of the Author: Pranav Kumar

Features: This book throws light on the topics which are important for your upcoming exam. The topics which have been presented here are shaped according to the needs of the candidates. The highlights of Vol 1 are Biomolecules and Catalysis, Bioenergetics and Metabolism, Cell Structure and Functions, Prokaryotes and Viruses, Immunology, Diversity of Life

And the highlights of Volume 2 are Genetics, Recombinant DNA technology, Plant Physiology and Development, Human Physiology, Ecology, Evolution.

Best CSIR NET Life Science Study Materials

The study materials of NET 2020 Life Science are structured to cover the interests of the candidates. You will be way ahead in terms of preparation when you do this after buying the best books for your next exam. You will be able to work on your strength as well as weaknesses while preparing study materials.

Remember to include all the important topics of the upcoming exam in your study material. You can always refer to some of the suggestions which have been provided by the experts before you appear for your final exam. You can keep a notebook for your own benefit. Try to add all the points which you can think of in terms of structuring study material. You can also consult experts while thinking about an effective study plan.

You can always make things easier by following CSIR NET Life Science Study Material PDF free and this is possible if you can get in touch with the professors. They often share useful information with their colleagues and you can also get it by contacting them.

We have covered the detailed guide on Best CSIR NET Life Science Books and Study Materials. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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