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Some last minute tips to Crack the Exam
  • Plan your preparation and set dedicated time lines- some of the subjects may be interrelated, read them one after the other
  • Prepare for two courses at a time, if possible, one theory and one practical
  • Strictly adhere to the syllabus
  • Use Scanner: Check the pattern of questions asked in the previous examination and the weightage of chapters in the syllabus. Look for a few questions which are repeatedly asked
  • Make your own notes while preparing. Scribble in your books, underline important points, make small pointers
  • Cover the study module and also refer good authors and bare acts
  • Focus on conceptual understanding and co-relations among various topics. Don’t focus on memorising, but understanding and analysing the topic
  • Cover latest (6 months prior to the examination) amendments, they are extremely important. Update yourself through the departmental websites as the books would not contain these updates
  • Two revisions per subject before the examination is must, practice as much as you can
  • Pick up questions from scanner (every chapter) and try solving them regularly
  • Practice speed writing and emphasize a lot on good presentation of answers
  • Highlight the important points, focus on good handwriting and avoid cutting or overwriting
  • Give a long answer- an introduction, a body and a good conclusion
  • In case related questions write facts, dispute, decision, justification and legal references
  • Use legal language, cite cases and sections to the extent possible. Substantiate your point by citing references from good authors
  • Read the concepts thoroughly, practice them regularly and be confident in the examination
  • Pick up your best prepared question to be answered first
  • Stay away from social media and other distractions, at least for a month before the examination
  • Above all, keep yourself motivated, don’t let anybody’s comment get to you
Sumeet Verma

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