AIPMT 2015: Last week tips and tricks to prepare

The All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) 2015 is scheduled to be conducted on May 3. The candidates should download the admit cards from the official website and carry it with them to the exam hall, failing which they will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Here’s a glimpse of how to prepare for AIPMT and help the candidates get their way through the challenging MBBS and BDS courses. Following are the AIPMT wrap up preparation tips that will help you bolster the performance:

Plan your preparation- It is rightly said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Nobody can undermine the importance of planning when doing any important task, and if it means preparing for the AIPMT exam, you should be even more careful. The Study Plan that will be created for you will be just for 7 days, you will be assigned some chapters to study every day so that you are able to complete your syllabus in time
NCERT Syllabus- Develop a strong base by studying the 11th and 12th class NCERT syllabus main topics. This will give you a clear understanding of all the basic fundamentals related to Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Furthermore, you can solve selected question papers of AIPMT to pep up your preparation. This is one of the most important tips to prepare for AIPMT
Revise and Revise- While learning, you should include all the topics that are there in the syllabus. After a one time learning, make sure that you revise everything again and again so that your chances of missing out on any important information is less
Utilize your time-AIPMT preparation tips are all about how well you use the available time. When you have a limited amount of time at your disposal in the last week, what’s required is to use it sagaciously and efficiently. Plan out the available time in a way that your syllabus is covered and you still have ample time left for revision
Online Mock Tests- The internet revolution has made studying a cakewalk for students. Many e-learning platforms provide the facility of mock practice tests that will enable you to enhance your learning. Opt for mock tests to revise efficiently. The tips to crack AIPMT don’t end here. There is much more you can do to hone your preparations further. Last week of preparation must be focused on recollecting & best option to do that is online mock test series. E-learning platforms facilitate students with the option to take up chapter-wise and syllabus-wise test series for AIPMT. This way you can give exams in consonance with your level of preparation. Select from a range of test series available online for AIPMT entrance exam preparation
Evaluate your performance-By going for the test series, you can get a detailed analysis of your results so that you can figure out your mistakes and improve your performance. In the test series, your results will be compared with the performance of national toppers giving you the benefit of National Level Benchmarking. This way you can know where you actually stand
Hit the Reference Books- Aspirants can also study from reference books apart from the study material which will expand their know-how on the subjects and help them gain a better understanding of complicated topics. With a variety of questions to solve and additional matter on various topics, reference books will guide them efficiently while they prepare for the exams
Be Positive- A positive attitude and a positive mindset can give you the motivation to study with full determination without getting carried away by distractions. So be positive while preparing for AIPMT and see a vast change in the end results

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