WBUT Question Papers EC Microprocessor Microcontroller B Tech Fifth Sem

WBUT Question Papers EC

Microprocessor Microcontroller B Tech Fifth Sem



Time Allotted : 3 Hours                                                                 ~ . ,

f ull Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable,

GROUP – A ( Multiple Clioice Type Questions )

1 • Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following ;

10 x ! = ]()

i) The instruction XCHG exchanges the Contents of

a)             ACC and HL pair

b)             BC pair and HL pair

c)              DE pair and HL pair

d)              HL pair and memory location, ii) Machine cycles for 1 N instruction are

a) 6                                                     b) 5 »

c) 4                                       d)’ ‘3


iii)        RST 7-5 interrupt is

a)           Vectored and Maskable

b)           Non-vectored and Maskable

c)           Non-vectored and Non-maskable

d)          Vectored and Non-maskable.

iv)         When a subroutine is called the address of the instruction next to CALL is saved in

a)           Stack pointer

b)           Program Counter

c)           Stack

d)           Combination of flag and AX register.

v)           Which is the BSR control word to set PC4 ? a)       09 H b) 07 H

c)     04 H             11              d) 05 H.

vi)         An 8 K x 8 ROM, holding the monitor program in a microprocessor trainer kit has the end address.

a) 8000 H                              b) 4000 H

c) 1 FFF H                              d) 3 FFF H.

vii)       What will be the content of the accumulator and the status of CY flag after RLC operation, if the content of the accumulator is BCH and CY is 0 ?

a) 79 II, 1                               b) 78 H, 1

c) 5E H. 0                               d) 5D H, 0

viii)     How many address lines are there in 8086 microprocessor ?

a) 16                                      b) 8

c) 20                                        d) 12.

ix)         The total I/O space available in 8085 if used peripheral mapped I/O.

a)    64                                     b) 128

c) 256                                    d) 512,

x)           8251 is a

a) US ART IC                         b) Counter

c) interrupt controller d) none of these.

xi)         If the crystal with 8085 is 2 MHZ, the time required to execute an instruction of 20 T states is

a) 20 pS                                 b) 10 pS

c)  40 pS                               d) 5 pS.

xii)       A single instruction to clear the lower four bit3 of the accumulator in 8085 microprocessor is

a) XRI OF H   b) ANI FO H

c)  ANI OF H   d) XRI FO H.

GROUP -B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following. 3×5= 15

  1. Describe the addressing modes of 8085.
  2. a) What are the functions of ALE, HOLD and READY
  3. signals ? f                                                                          3

b)           Differentiate between I/O mapped I/O and memory mapped I/O.   2

  1. Calculate the total time delay for the following loop in 8085 microprocessor, assuming the clock period is 0-5 microsecond.

L x I B, 238 HH               ; 10 T


JNZ LOOP                       ; 10/7 T

hi w’? ^ b“ “nflgm“” of 8085 “38 register.                                   5

SC$!” ‘he m“”0 W°r<1f 82=» A for lh0

PORT A = input. PORT B not used

PORI’ C ( upper ) = input, PORT C ( lower ) = output.

8085 iScro^lstor^ °f Memoiy Read machine cycle of

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following, 3 x 15 – 45 What are vectored and non vectored interruots 9 Explain the instructions RIM and SIM. Write an

RST 5Cn Cnable thE RST 75RST 6‘5 and disable

3 WhatSish°thP82H^S U?ed t0 generate sr-lLl;lre waves. 5

Sruc L?of 808srente be,Ween CALL 3nd JMP ft ^ V , oI 8085 microprocessor ?                                                                                     *

W ‘ST^I.ZmT luncl,onE PerfomSi by Biu and uu unit ol 8086 microprocessor ?                                                          r

9 a DKW iS pipe?re ac^ieved in 8086 microprocessor? 4

a)           D,SCUSS the “ory organization of 8051 microcontroller.      1

b)           What are the, different interrupts available in 80*5 f microcontroller?

C) Discuss the different addressing modes of SO^f microcontroller. 8 moots 01 8051

0. DiSCUSS t hp                   ^                                                            5

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