WBUT Previous Year Question Papers CS English Language And Communication B Tech Sem -1 2010-11

WBUT Previous Year Question Papers

CS English Language And Communication B Tech Sem – 1 2010-11


Time Allotted : 3 Hours

Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

  1. Choose the correct alternatives for the following : 10 x 1 =-10
  2. i)         Shakespeare                       ‘Life is but a walking


a) say               b) said

c) says              d) has said.

ii)       The mob………….. infuriated.

a) was              b) were

c) are                d) has.

[ Turn over ]

iii)      The word Humbug means

a) worship                         b) hate

c) hypocrisy                       d) sincerity.

iv)      The word plagiarism is the opposite of

a) legal use                        b) honesty

c) stealing                          d) illegal use.

v)        The book has been…………… for Indian readership.

a) adopted                         b) adapted

c) abridged                         d) none of these.

vi)      The adjective form of the word habit is

a) habitual                         b) habitat

c) habitation                      d) none of these.

vii)     The best meaning of the word Wrath is a) Jealousy    b) Anger

c) Hatred                           d) Violence.

viii)   The synonym of the word Deify is

a) Worship                         b) Flatter

c) Sweating                        d) Drowsiness.

ix)      Phonetics is the study of

a) vowel sounds                 b) speech sounds

c) consonant sounds d) diphthongs.

x)        I depended on you for support. But you let me………..

– a) out                                        b) , off                   ‘

c) down                              d) out.

GROUP-B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions in your own words :

Bangalore : . India said on Saturday the ‘protectionist tendency’ in the United States would deepen the global recession and delay global economic recovery. “I feel the protectionism tendency is healthy and negative and lessons from the past make it abundantly clear they end up deepening the recession, they do not help in recovery of economies,” Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma told reporters here. Sharma was referring to the State of Ohio’s ban on outsourcing to overseas companies and, before that, the US Government’s decision to raise fees for HIB visas that would impact operations of the $50 billion Indian IT industry.

– /

US President Barack Obama also said this week he

would end tax breaks for companies which “creates jobs and

profits in other countries”. Admitting that India does not

have legal options against such US measures, he said the larger issue was of “approach and philosophy”. “Any mindset which is isolatoiy and inward looking ends up hurting the economies and societies”, Sharma said.

Sharma termed the ‘protectionist’ measures in the US as “regressive and counter-productive”. “As a leading economy of the world, the US has to have more confidence to engage the rest of the world. In my view, in testing times, it’s important to step out and engage, to dismantle the existing barriers and not erect new ones,” Sharma said.

Stating that the US was strategic partner of India, he said New Delhi wants to deepen and diversify bi-lateral engagement. “We have to positively contribute for the growth of our relationship and not undermine or weaken it in any manner.”

(The Times of India, September 12, 2010)

i)        What is India’s stand on the “protectionist tendency” of the US ?       2

ii)       What step of the State of Ohio has displeased India ? 2

iii)     What is Mr. Obama’s important announcement this week ?         2

iv)     How has Mr. Sharma termed/ the “protectionist” measure of the US ?   o


v)        What is Mr. Sharma’s expectation from the US as a leading economy of the World ?   2

vi)      Make a precis of the given passage.                           5


Answer any three of the following. 3 x 15 = 45

Assume that your organisation have been outsourcing the recruitment and training division to a different institution and spending about Rs. 5,00,000 per annum on recruitment and in house training. Now the organization has decided to have its own training and placement cell to cater to all its needs. As the Office Manager, write a letter report highlighting on the advantages of having an in-house recruitment traihing cell. Invent necessary details.

As the Purchase Manager of Satyam, Computers, 9 Naidu Road, Hyderabad-500 007, you had ordered two dozens, of Personal Computers from Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), 140 M.G. Road, Bangalore-560 001. When the consignment arrived, you found some of the pieces are in the damaged condition. Write a complaint letter to the Sales Manager of the company asking for repair, replacement or compensation.

a)        Insert appropriate prepositions :    5×1

i)           He is endowed……….. a strong \6ill.

ii)         The magistrate convicted the accused       theft.

) Mohan was offended                     Soham at his


iv)        I am quite familiar……… ..this place.

v)          Be zealous…….. a good cause.

b)        Correct the grammatical errors :                          5×1

i)           They played an one day match.

ii)         The fruit taste better.

iii)        It was the higher tree on the mountain.

iv)        He is suffering for three days.

■ v) Where you are coming from ?

c)        Do as directed :                                                   5×1

i)           Sachin is the best batsman in the world

ii)         As he was ill, he could not attend the party.

‘                      (Make it simple)

iii)        Only Ram could solve the puzzle.

iv)         Someone stole the purse.          (Change the voice)

v)          Amik said, “Raina and Sharma are good friends.”

■ . (Make it indirect)

  1. Discuss in detail the salient features of technical communication and its application in an organization.
  2. Read the following advertisement published in The Hindu on 2nd December, 2010 and draft a letter of application enclosing your C.V.

(A Govt, of India Undertaking)

Power Sector : Project Engineering Management ‘

Plot No. 25, Sector-16, Noida-201 301 (U.P.)

BHBL, the country’s premier engineering organization and one of the Navaratna PSU, catering to core sectors of engineering economy viz. Power Generation. Transmission, Industry, Transportation and renewable energy, requires engineering professionals for its Project Engineering Management Division at Noida.

BHEL requires

Experienced Engineering Professionals for the post of Deputy Manager – Electrical / Mechanical Engineer.

Qualification : M. Tech, MBA

The candidate must have a wide exposure in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy across the country. Good communication skills are a must. Reply with your CV to the HRD Manager in the above address.                            7 + 8

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