WBUT Exam Papers EE Industrial Management B Tech 8th Sem April 2009

 WBUT Exam Papers EE

 Industrial Management B Tech 8th Sem April 2009

Time : 3 Hours ]

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

Choose the correct answer for any ten of the following : i) Tut objective of Marketing Management is

a)         to increase profite

b)         te increase sales volume

c’j tc increase customer’s satisfaction d) none of these.

t:) Control chart for variables is

a)         Fraction Defective Chart ( p-chart)

b)          Range Chart’( K-chart)

c)          Number of Delects Chart ( c-chart)

di None of these,

iiij Under Selective Inventory Control, VED analysis defines’VED as

a} Value, Engineering and Design b’j Vital, Essential and Desirable

c)          Volume, Economy and Demand

d)      None of these.

iv)                      Financial Management deals with

a)          satisfying the needs of the customers

b)       ■ procurement and utilization of funds

e)          training ana development of the employees

c“] designing user friendly products.

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v]          According to Maslov/s Need Hierarchy, the last level of needs includes

a)        Esteem needs  b) Noads for foods, clothing & shelter

e)      Need for self actualization d) Social needs.                     I j

vd) Essential element of TQM is

a)         Meeting customers’ requirements

b)          Continuous improvement

c)          Empowerment of employees

d)   ‘    ■ Ail of these.                                                 I \di) Productivity means

a)         u-crease in output keeping input unchanged

b)         increase in output increasing input

c)          decrease in output decreasing input

d)          none of these.        f viii) EOQ is a particular order size at which

■ a) carrying costs become minimum

b)         ordering costs become minimum

c)          total inventory costs become minimum

d)         ail of these costs are minimum.

k) FSN analysis is required to control

a)     Quality of the product b) Inventory

c)    Industrial disputes    d) All of these,

a; In communicatin, barriers arisen     from the linguistic capacity of the partit; Involved are called

–) i2iiiotional barriers       b)        Semantic barriers

c)   Organizational barriers d)   Personal barriers.

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xi)         Inherent capacity which an organization can use to gain strategic advantages over its competitors is known as its

a)      Strength b) Opportunity

c)      Stability d) All of these,

xii)       The fourteen principles oi management are given by

a)         F. W. Taylor              b) Elton Mayo

c)          Henry Fayol d) Peter Drucker.

GROUP-B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.    3×5- 15

Differentiate between Recruitment and Selection.

State the concept of six sigma.

How is Selling different from Marketing ?

Highlight the communication process.

Write down the basic, roles and functions of management.

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three questions.

’: a) State the main objectives of Trade Union.

b)   Briefly discuss the functions of Trade Union.

5. a) How is Maslow’s theory related to ERG Theory ?

b)   Highlight Uie mail; criticisms of Herzberg theory

>. a) A company uses 2000 units per annum of special studs in the manufacture of its products. The studs are procured from a local manufacturer at a basic priece of Rs. 1.0 each. The procurement cost per order is Rs. 20 and inventory- cany frig cost is 20%. The supplier offers following discount on the basic price for order quantities of:

Order Quantity             Discount

CO – 799                                                    2%

800 – 1599                                                4%

1600 & above                                              6%

What quantity should be ordered to optimize cost ?

b)    What are the two costs associated with inventory management ?

8824 {2. A/04)

10. a) Classify the items into A, B and C categories ;

Item    Annual consumption         Fi’ice per unit

Description                          (Units)                                     (Rs.)

1                                          3,000                                                 200

2                                           6,000                                        20

3                                             200                                                   500

4                                             200                                                 12 50

5                                            350                                                     9

6                                          6,000                                                   25

7                                          4,000                                                   10

8                                          3,000                                                   7

b)  Derive the basic formula for Economic Order Quantity far model without shortage.

1 I. a) What are the different types of production system V

b)          How does production planning differ from production control ?

c)          Suite the functions of production planning.

i‘2. Write notes on any two of the following :

a)         Total Quality Management

b)          Performance Appraisal

c)          VED Analysis of inventory contol

d)          BCG Matrix.

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