Wavelet Theory and Applications Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Wavelet Theory and Applications Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 EC-456 Wavelet Theory and Applications [3 0 0 3]


Continuous Wavelet Transform Introduction, Continuous-time wavelets, Definition of the CWT, the VWT as a Correlation, Constant-Factor Filtering Interpretation and Time-Frequency Resolution, the VWT as an Operator, Inverse CWT, Problems.

Introduction to Discrete Wavelet Transform And Orthogonal Wavelet Decomposition: Introduction, Approximation of Vectors in Nested Linear Vector Subspaces, Examples of an MRA, Problems.
MRA, Orthonormal Wavelets, And Their Relationship To Filter Banks: Introduction, Formal Definition of an MRA, Construction of General Orthonormal MRA, a wavelet Basic for the MRA, Digital Filtering Interpretation, Examples of Orthogonal Basic Generating Wavelets, Interpreting Orthonormal MRAs for Discrete-Time signals, Miscellaneous Issues Related to PRQME Filter Banks, generating Scaling Functions and wavelets from Filter Coefficient, Problems.


Wavelet Transform And Data Compression: Introduction, Transform Coding, DTWT for Image
Compression, Audio Compression, And Video Coding Using Multiresolution Techniques: a Brief Introduction. 

Other Application 0f Wavelet Transforms: Introduction, Wavelet denoising speckles Removal, Edge Detection and Object Isolation, Image Fusion, Object Detection by Wavelet Transform of Projections, Communication application.

Books Recommended

1. James S. Walker, “A Primer on Wavelets and their Scientific Applications”, CRC Press, (1999).
2. Rao, “Wavelet Transforms”, Pearson Education, Asia.
3. C. Sidney Burrus, Ramesh A. Gopinath, “Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelets Transforms”,
Prentice Hall, (1997).

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