VTU Question Papers Engineering Graphics Second Semester BE Degree Examination Dec 09 Jan10

VTU Papers Engineering Graphics

Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.09/Jan.10

Note: I. Answer any FIVE full questions.

2. Use first angle projection, retain all construction lines.

1.An electric bulb is held through a wire and is located centrally 0.5 meters below the ceiling (roof) of a room, whose size is 6 mts in length, 5 mts in width and 4 mts in height. Draw projections top view and front view, of the bulb considering all the four quadrants. Assume one wall of 6 mts length coincides with the vertical plane.                                                                                              (10 Marks)

  1. A point P is 40 mm below HP and lies in the vertical plane. Name the quadrant in which point P lies and draw its projections.                                                                                                             (04 Marks)
  2. A point M, has its location as follows: 50 mm above HP, 60 mm infront of VP, and 40 mm from right profile plane. Draw three views of point.                                                                                 (06 Marks)

a. One end P of a line is 30 mm above HP and 20 mm infront of VP. Other end Q is 40 mm above HP and 40 mm infront of VP. Top view of the line is inclined at 30° to XY line. Find the true length, true inclinations and distance between end projectors of the line. (10 Marks) b- Top view pq of a straight line PQ is 70 mm long and makes an angle of 60° with XY line. Point Q is 10 mm infront of VP and 30 mm above HP. The difference between the distances of P and Q above the HP is 45 mm. Draw projections, find true length, true inclinations and distance between end projectors.     (10 Marks)

  1. A square lamina of sides 70 rgm has one of its comers on HP and 60 mm infront of VP. The diagonal of lamina through the comer on HP, is inclined at 30° to HP and 45° to VP. Draw projections. (10 Marks)
  2. A pentagonal lamina of sides 30 mm has one of its edges in VP, which is parallel to HP and 50 ram above HP. Draw the projections of the lamina,.if surface of lamina is inclined at 40° to VP. (10 Marks)

A tetrahedron of sides 70 mm is resting on an edge of base on HP, parallel to VP, and axis is inclined at 30° to HP. Draw three views, when the vertex is away from observer. (20 Marks)

A cone of 80 mm diameter base and 90 mm axis is resting on HP, with its end generator on HP and axis is parallel to VP. Draw three views, when apex is nearer to observer in side view.          ‘                                                                                   (20 Marks)

A pentagonal pyramid of base side 30 mm and axis 75 mm has its base on HP and one base side is parallel to VP. Develop lateral surface of the frustum of the pyramid, when pyramid is cut off at 30 mm from apex, cutting plane being parallel to the base.                                                     (20 Marks)

A hemisphere of base diameter 50 mm rests centrally on frustum of square pyramid. Frustum of the pyramid has 20 mm sides at top and 50 mm sides at base and 75 mm height. Draw isometric projection of the combined solids.                                                                                         (20 Marks)

A pentagonal prism of base side 30 mm and height 70 mm is placed centrally on a circular disc of diameter 90 mm and thickness 25 mm draw isometric of combined solid. (20 Marks)


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