VTU Question Papers Computer Concepts and C Programming December 2011

 VTU Question Papers Computer Concepts and C Programming

First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, December 2011

Note: 1. Answer FIVEfull questions choosing at least two from each part

  1. Answer all objective type questions only in OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet
  2. Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be valued.


  1. a. Select the correct answer :                      (04 Marks)

i)        The general name given to the physical parts of a computer is

A) Software B) Hardware C) Firmware D) Computer ware

ii)      A byte contains    number if bits.

A) 12        B) 8           C) 16       D) 32

iii)    Which of these is not an example of software?

A) Utilities               B) Operating system

C) Floppy disk             D) Device drivers

iv)    Which of these is not a part of information processing cycle?

A) Data sharing            B) Data collection

C) Data storage            D) Data output

  1. Mention the various steps associated with the information processing cycle and explain them.              (OSMfarks)
  2. What is a data scanning device? Mention any four such devices.   (04 Marks)
    1. i) Convert the binary number 11100111 to decimal number.

ii)      Convert the decimal number 55 to binary number. (04 Marks)

  1. a. Select the correct answer :                     (04 Marks)

i)    A translator which reads a high level program line by line and converts its into machine language code is

A) Translator B) Interpreter               C) Compiler   D) Assembler

ii)     The size of most commonly used floppy these days is

A) 8 inch    B) 3.5 inch    C) 5.25 inch   D) 2.5 inch

iii)    Which of these is not a network topology?

A) Bus       B) Ring         C) Star       D) Square

iv)    Which of these is not a type of translator

A) Assembler B) Interpreter  C) Compiler D) Integrator

  1. Mention the various functions of an operating system. Explain any two of them.

(08 Marks)

  1. List and explain the basic components of a computer network.    (04 Marks)
  2. Mention the different storage devices and explain one of them.  (04 Marks)


ii)      The type of programming that is done using C is

A) High level              B) Low level

C) Both A & B             D) None of these

iii)    The function which takes a single character input from the keyboard is

A) getchr B) get char C) give char D) char get iv) Which of these is not a key word to C language?

A) float B) static C) delete               D) insert

  1. What are C tokens? Mention them. Explain any two of them.   (08 Marks)
  2. What is a datatype? Mention the basic data types available in C. (04 Marks)
  3. What are variables? How are they declared?  (04 Marks)
    1. a. Select the correct answer :                                      (04 Marks)

i)      The order in which different operations in an expression are evaluated is decided by

A) Associativity B) Precedence C) Evaluation D) Format

ii)      The correct version of the clause to include I/O funciton library in C program is A) # include < ioJi >    B) # include < Std io.h >

C) include # < io.h >     D) include # < Std io.h >iii)

result of evaluating the expression 7% 5 + 10.0 * 10/3 is- 33 *

A) 32.0      B) 32           C) 31.0      D) 31

iv)    Let K = 12, i = 3, J = 5. Consider the statement K + = i + J + + ; After execution the values of k. i. J respectively are * ■’

A) 21,3,6 B) 20,3,6          C) 21,3,6     D) 20,4,6

  1. Explain the structure of ‘C’ program.           (06 Marks)
  2. Write a program to find the area of a triangle given the three sides.  (06 Marks)
  3. With examples, illustrate any four common programming errors.    (04 Marks)


,5. a. Select the correct answer :                    (04 Marks)

i)      Which of the following will not be terminated by a semicolon sign?

A) Function prototype      B) Function calling statement

C) Function definition     D) None of these

ii)      A function that calls itself is

A) Nested function         B) Overloaded function


C)   Recursive function     D) Inline function

iii)    The scope of the variables defined in a function is

A) Local     B) Modular     C) Global     D) Universal

iv)    The parameters used in a function call are called parametes.

A) Formal B) Dummy         C) Actual     D) None of these

  1. Mention the different ways of passing parameters to the function. Explain one of them.

(08 Marks)

  1. Write a program to accept two integers and swap their values using a function to swap.

(08 Marks)

6. a. Select the correct answer :                     (04 Marks)

i)      The correct statement for checking a condition in if statement is

A) if (a = b) B) if(a = = b) C) if (a, b)  D) if (a b)

ii)    The loop in which the number of iterations remain known prior to the execution of the loop is

A)                                                       for            B) while   C) do while D) None of these

2 of 3


iii)     The value of switch expression must be of type

A) Real      B) int         C) double     D) All of these

iv)    The least number of times the do – while loop will be executed is

A) 0        B) 1            C) 2         D) Both A and B

Distinguish between while and do-while statement.   (08 Marks)

Write a C program to read a positive number and reverse the given number. (68 Marks)

“1. a. Select the correct answer :                     (04 Marks)

i)      Number of elements in an array defined by a [3] [4] is

A) 8       B) 12           C) 16        D) None of these

ii)     If %{4j is a declaration, then the first and last array index will be

A) 1,4 B) 0,3              C) 3,0       D) None of these

iii)   Given int a [3] [ 2] = {1,2, 3,4,5,6} ; the element in the 3rd row and 2nd column is

A) 3       B) 6            C) 52         D) 4

iv)   A function that is used to join two strings is

A) Strepy B) Strlen       C) Streat     D) Stremp

  1. Explain the declaration and initialization of one dimensional array with examples.

(06 Marks)

  1. Write a C program to input N integers into a single dimensional array and sort them in descending order using bubble sort method. Print both given array and sorted array with suitable headings.                                                (10 Marks)

8. a. Select the correct answer :                      (04 Marks)

i)       ’ execution of instructions in a computer system is referred to as parallel computing.

A) Serial B) Sequential    C) Accurate    D) Simultaneous

ii)      Which of the following can be used as a resource in parallel computing?

A)      A single computer with multiple processors,

B)      An arbitrary number of computers connected by a network.

C)      A combination of the above.

D)      All of these.

iii)   OpenMp stands for,

A) Open multi – parallelism   B) Organised muiti- programming

C) Open multi – processing D) Organised multi-parallelism.

iv)   An example of environment variable in OPEN MP is

A) Omp – thread – limit    B) Omp-irrit-lock C) Omp – test – lock       D) Omp – get – dynamic.

Define concurrent processing. What is the motivation for concurrent processing?

(10 Marks)

  1. What are threads? Give the advantages and disadvantages of multiple threads.

(06 Marks)


*****i)       Which of the following is associated with software changes t modification / evolution of software?

A) Design B) Coding                                                            C) Testing                          D) Maintenance

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