VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester Software Engineering August 2003

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester

Software Engineering August 2003


Note: Answer any FIVE full questions.

1. (a) Describe any three software product attributes and any three software process attributes.

(b) Describe the system evolution and system decommissioning phases of the system engineering process.

(c) Briefly discuss the desirable characteristics and structure of a requirements document.


2.(a) With an example, explain the use of viewpoint template and service template in the VORD method.

(b) What is a data dictionary? Discuss its structure and uses.

(c) Discuss the use of structured natural language for the specification of requirements.


3. (a) Describe any two techniques for developing software prototypes.

(b) Explain the concepts of cohesion coupling and adaptability.

(c) With an example describe the repository model and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


4. (a) Describe the characteristics of an object oriented design, its advantages and explain the typical activities performed during the object oriented design process.

(b) With an example, describe the three process steps for transforming a data flow diagram to a structure chart.

5. (a) What documents are to be generally delivered along with a software system?

(b) Describe any three software reliability metrics and discuss their applications.

(c) Describe the two popular approaches for providing software fault tolerance.


6. (a) What are the advantages and problems of developing software with reusable components?

(b) Briefly describe the different stages in the testing process.

(c)What are the different types of interface errors that can occur and what are the genera! guidelines for interface testing?


7.(a)Explain the technique of program inspections,

(b) List the sections typically included in a project plan.

(c) Describe the factors which affect communication in a group.

(d) Describe any two program quality metrics.


8.(a) Discuss the techniques for estimating project duration and determining the staffing pattern.

(b)Describe the five ieveis defined in the SEI process maturity model.

(c)Describe the functional classification of CASE tools.


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