VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Java and J2EE January 2010

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester

Java and J2EE January 2010


Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1 a. List and explain the java buzzwords.

b. Explain different access specifies is Java, with examples.

C  i)     int num, den ;

if (den ! = 0 && num| den > 2){


ii)       int num, den ;

if (den ! = 0 & num| den = = 2) {


Compare and explain the above two snippets.


d. Write a note on object instantiation.


2 a. Which is the alternative approach to implement multiple inheritances in Java? Explain, with an example.

b. Create a try block that is likely to generate three types of exception and incorporate necessary catch blocks to catch and handle them.

c. What are applets? Explain different stages is the cycle of an applet?


3. What is the need of synchronization? Explain with an example, how synchronization is

Implemented in Java?

b. What is meant by thread priority? How is it assigned?

c. Explain the adapter classes, with examples.


4 a.Create swing applet that has two buttons named alpha and beta. When either of the buttons pressed, it should display ‘‘alpha was pressed” and “beta was pressed”, respectively.

b. Name and explain different types of swing buttons. Give their syntax.

c. Write the steps to create JTable. Write a program to create a table with the column headings “Fname, Lname, Age’ and insert at least five records in the table and display.


5 a. Give and explain J2EE multifier architecture.

b. Describe the various steps of JDBC process, with code snippets.

c. Write a note on database metadata interface.


6 a. Explain the lifecycle of a servlet.

b. Describe in detail, how tomcat web server is configured for development of servlet.

c. With a code snippet, explain how session tracking is handled in Java with servlets.

d. List and explain core classes that are provided in Javax.servlet package.


7 a. What is the difference between servlets and JSP? Explain different types of JSP tags with Syntax.

b. Write a JSP to create and read cookie named user id that stores the value JB0007.

c. What is RMI? Describe with code snippet RMI at server side.


8 a.What is deployment descriptor? List the deployment descriptor for EJB 1.1.

b. With a skeleton, explain entity Java bean.

c. How do you disable access to a method in EJB 2.0? Explain, with code.

d. Write a note on JAR file, [JAR].

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