VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester System Software December 2010

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester

System Software December 2010

Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1 a. Give the target address generated for the following machine instruction:

i)  032600h                        ii) 03C300h                    iii) 0310C303h

if (B) = 006000, (Pc) = 003000, (X) = 000090.

b.  With respect to Pentium pro architecture, explain the following :

i) Instruction format                  ii) Registers                          iii) Data format                            iv) Addressing mode.

c.   Write sequence of instruction for SIC to clear 20 byte string to all blanks.


2  a. Define assembler directive. Explain the different types of directives used in SIC m/c.

b.   What is the need of pass 2 assembler? Reason out with a simple example.

c.   Give an algorithm for pass 1 of 2 pass assembler.


3 a. Differentiate between literal and an immediate operand. Give an example for each.

b.  Define control section. How does control section differ from the program blocks? Explain with an example.

c.   With an example, explain the multipack assembler.


4  a. What do you mean by relocating loaders? Explain the method for relocation as a part of object program.

b.   Explain, with a figure, dynamic linking. Discuss its advantage.


 5 a. List the task performed by document linking process in an interactive system.

b. Give the relationship between editing and viewing process.

c. Explain the features of interactive debugging system.


6 a. List m/c independent macro processor features. Explain any two with an example.

b.With an illustrative example, explain the macro processing features of MASM macro process.


7 a. Explain the structure of Lex program, with an example.

b. Give regular expression for the following :

i)‘C’-variables ii) Integer data iii) Floating point data

c. Write Lex program to count the number of words in a text file.


8 a. Explain shift reduce parsing, with an example.

b. Write yak program to recognize the given arithmetic expression containing operator with + and – having highest precedence.

c. What do you mean by ambiguous grammar? How it can be overcome? Illustrate with an example.

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