VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester Software Engineering December 2010

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester

Software Engineering December 2010


Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part


1 a. What axe the attributes of good software? What are the key challenges facing software engineering?

b.   Describe the general model of design process.

c.   Explain the requirements engineering process, with a neat block diagram.


2 a. Describe four different types of non-functional requirement, which may be

placed, on the systems. Give examples of each of these types of  requirements.

b.  Describe the salient features of spiral model of software process, with an illustration diagram.


3 a. With a neat block diagram, explain components of a CASE TOOLS for

structured method support.

b.   What are the most important dimensions of system dependability?

c.   What is requirement elicitation and analysis? Explain.


4  a.  Explain state machine model for a simple microwave oven.

b. Write the structure of a requirement document suggest by IEEE standard.

c.    What is object aggregation? Explain with an example.



5 a. Explain with a figure, the data flow model of an invoice processing system.

b.   Draw and explain the sequence and state diagram for a typical weather station.


6     a.  Explain the structure of a software test plan.

b.    Give a brief description of five principles of agile methods.

c.    Discuss the advantages of pair programming.


7     a.  Explain the characteristics of clean room software development.

b.    What are the characteristics of rapid software development?

c.    What is software prototyping? Give benefits of software prototyping.


8 a. Differentiate between black box testing and white box testing.

b.    List the factors governing staff selection.

c.    Name the various estimation techniques in software systems.


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