VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester Finite Automata and Formal Languages December 2010

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Fifth Semester

Finite Automata and Formal Languages December 2010


Note ; 1. Answer any FIVE full questions.

 2. Any missing data may be suitably assumed

1 a. Define symbols, alphabets, strings and languages.

b. Define a DFA. Design a DFA to accept language with even number of a’s and odd number of b’s over £ = {a, b}, and process the string U – aaaabbb.

If D = (Qd, £, 5d, {qo}, FD) is a DFA constructed by N = (QN, Z, 8n, qo, FN) by the subset construction, then prove that L(D) = L(N).


2 a. Convert the following e – NFA to DFA.


b. Define regular expression. Write a regular expression to accept following languages.

i) Combination of a’s and b’s of even length. „ j j

ii) 2 symbol is ‘a’ and 3 symbol is ‘b’ from right end.

iii) L = {anbm |where n > 3, b < 2}.

c. Convert the following regular expressions to its equivalent NFA.

(a + ab)* a b*.


3 a. Define and prove the pumping lemma for regular expression.

b.If L and M are regular languages, then so is L n M.

c. Convert the following DFA to a minimized DFA.


d. Explain the applications of regular expressions.


4 a. Define grammar. Write a grammar for the following languages.

i)      L = {anbm | m > n, n > 0}

ii)     L={0″l2nln>0}

iii)L~{anbmc       |k = n + m}.

Consider the following grammar, write the LMD and RMD for the string U Check given grammar is ambiguous or not.

E * EE | – EE | + EE [ x | y.

List the applications of parser.


5 a. What are the different kinds of languages accepted by PDA? Design a PDA for language L = {anbracn | n > 0, m > 0}

and traverse the string w = aabcc.

b. Convert the given CFG to its equivalent PDA.

I—> a| b | la | lb 110 | II.

E -» 11 E * E j E + E | (E).


6 a. Remove the useless symbols from the given grammar :

aAa A -» ab [ bcC | DaA C -» abb | DD D aDA E -» aC.

b.   Define CNF and GNF, Convert the following grammar into CNF.

E^E + T|T T -> T * F | F . F -> (E) 11 I —» a/b.

c.    Prove that the following grammar is not regular L – {0nln2n | n> 1}.


7 a. Design a Turing machine to accept a language

L -{anbn [ n > 1}.

Write transition diagram and table, process the string U ~ aaabbb.

b. Explain in detail,

i)    Multitape turing machine

ii)   Non – deterministic turing machine

iii)  Restricted turing machine.


8 Write short notes on :

a. Variants of FA


c. Turing machine and computers

d. Post’s correspondence problem.

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