VNIT Nagpur Civil Engineering Syllabus

VNIT Nagpur Civil Engineering Syllabus PART II


Content –

Fluid Properties and measurement of pressure – manometers and gauges, Hydrostatics- Total pressure and centre of pressure, pressure forces on vertical and inclined laminae, pressure on curved surfaces, Buoyancy and floatation – Centre of buoyancy, body immersed in two different fluids, metacentre, metacentric height, stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium
Types of fluid flows and flow lines, Methods of describing fluid motion, Flownet, Fundamental equations of fluid flow, Venturimeter, Orifice and mouthpiece, Notches and weirs
Elements of flow through pipes: Darcy Weisbach formula, Hydraulic Gradient Line, Total Energy Line, Minor losses, series and parallel connections
Introduction to open channel flow: Manning’s and Chezy’s formula, Most economical section of channel, Uniform flow and Critical flow, Hydraulic jump elements
Types of hydraulic turbines, Working principles of Centrifugal and Reciprocating pumps
Practicals :
Experiments on Ship model, triangular notch, rectangular notch, orifice, mouthpiece, manometers and pressure gauges, pitot tube, friction factor of pipeline, Chezy’s and Manning’s constant for a channel, venturimeter

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