UPTU Past Question Papers B Tech 6th Semester Animal Tissue Culture 2006-07

UPTU Past Question Papers B Tech 6th Semester

Animal Tissue Culture 2006-07


Note : Attempt all questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

 1.  Attempt any two questions of the following :

(a) Explain organ culture technique.

(b) Define the utility of Ascitis development.

(c) What are the major cell culture media available commercially. Give the examples. Write about their salient characteristics also.


2. Attempt any two parts of the following :

(a) How would you maintain a CHO cell lime? Define other important cell lime available.

(b) What is cloned lymphoid cell . Define its uses.

(c) Explain whole embryo cell culture technique.


3. Attempt any four parts of the following:

(a) What are the various merits of animal cell line over microbial vector system?

(b) What are the salient quality control tests for any recruitment protein expression. Explain with a suitable example.

(c) What are vaccine adjuvants. Define their properties.

(d) Name three important monoclonal antibody product available in the market, and test its use.

(e) Write short note on cryopreservation.

(f)  List the common hrst-vrcta expression system used for the production of d-intergesmzb, GCSF, Erythropolitin and GMCSF.


4. Answer any four questions :

(a) Write a short notes on Transgenic animals.

(b) Define various steps involve in gene transfer.

(c) What are embrymic cell lines. Gives some examples.

(d) What are the methods of production of transgenic animals?

(e) Explain the socio economic impact of Genetically warfied organism (GMO).

(f)  Describe the steps involved in developing a test-tube baby.


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