UPTU Old Year Question Papers Painting Practices 2006-07

UPTU Old Year Question Papers

VIII Semester PT Examination 2006-07

Painting Practices


Note : Answer any five questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

1    What do you understand by the term corrosion of metallic surfaces? Describe various factors, which influences the rate of corrosion. Discuss the role of coatings in prevention of corrosion.

2    Discuss the importance of surface preparation prior to its painting. How the pretreatment are different for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, discuss in detail.

3    Why paint is recommended on a surface prior to its use ? How it helps in improving the service life of a surface ? Discuss an example in support of your answer.

4    What would be your recommendation for the painting of a Railway Bridge over a river? Outline the complete schedule of painting for the same.

5    Write a detailed note on colour esthetics and its application in industrial plants.

6    Outline a complete process of a painting of pipeline transporting petrol from a refinery to a filling station. Discuss the details of various painting products recommended for use therein.

7    What are various paint defects normally found on a painted surface ? Discuss in brief, their causes and remedial measures.

8    What would be your consideration in establishment of a paint shop in a two-wheeler industry? How the quality and suitability of a paint would be ensured for its use in the shop on various components ?


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