UPTU Old Year Question Papers Leather Auxiliaries Technology 2006-07

UPTU Old Year Question Papers

VIII Semester LT Examination 2006-07

Leather Auxiliaries Technology


Note : Attempt all questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

1.   Attempt any two :

(a) Write short note on overview of Indian Leather Auxiliaries industry development.

(b) Define ‘Plant Design’ with reference to any auxiliaries processing unit of your choice. Highlight how plant design plays important role.

(c) How instrumentation helps in quality control of a leather auxiliaries processing unit? Highlight importance of quality control of a particular auxiliaries unit of your choice.

2.  Attempt any two :

(a) Describe how a Vegetable Tanning Agent can be manufactured. Mention all the steps involved in the process.

(b) Write note on Evaluation and Quality control of a Fatliquoring agent.

(c) Write note on chemistry of Acid and Basic dyes.

3.   Attempt any two :

(a) Describe chemistry of organic pigments.

(b) Compare Inorganic and Organic pigments.

(c) Mention machinery requirements in the Pigment Processing Units.

4.   Attempt any two :

(a) Describe steps of preparation of a Resin binder. Mention how do you develop the properties of resistance to cold crack and solvent to your product.

(b) Compare Resin and Protein binders.

(c) What do you know about evaluation and quality control of a resin binder.

5.   Attempt any two :

(a) Describe a process for production of Lacquer from Nitrocellulose.

(b) Describe role of thinner in the leather industry and its quality control measures.

(c) Define Lacquer emulsions, their uses in the leather finishing and also mention their evaluation process practised.

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