UPTU Old Question Papers B Tech 8th Semester Specialty Foods 2007

UPTU Old Question Papers

B Tech 8th Semester

Specialty Foods 2007


Note : Attempt all questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

1. Attempt any four parts of the following:

(a) Define and explain ‘FOOD’ and ‘NUTRITION’. Explain the function of ‘Master Exchange Table’ in diet.

(b) Write functions of water in the nutritional context.

(c) Explain the difference between ‘Balanced Diet’ and ‘Wholesome Food’. Write the importance of each.

(d) Describe the special nutritional requirements of pregnant women and lactating mothers.

(e) Enumerate major factors which affect the nutritional status of Geriatric people.

(f)  Write the importance of PREBIOTICS and PROBIOTICS for improving nutrition.


2 . Attempt any four parts of the following:

(a) Draw the structure of Gamma-Linolenic-Acid. In what way it is useful in health and disease?

(b) Write the medicinal uses of turmeric, garlic and ginger. Also discuss physiological effects of these spices.

(c) SPIRULINA is made from certain algae. Write important constituents of these algae having multihealthful benefits.

(d) Enumerate natural and synthetic antioxidants and explain their role in enhancement of health.

(e) Write the specific importance of trace minerals; selenium, copper, zinc, silver and gold for human being.

(f)  Soyabean contains anticarcinogenic compounds and cholestrol reducing compounds. Explain them briefly.


3. Attempt any two parts of the following:

(a) Why does a person suffer from constipation? Suggest suitable diet moderation for early recovery.

(b) Write the various functions of bile secretions. Explain the causes for a person suffering from jaundice and then suggest remedial diet.

(c) What is IDDM? Write the causes for it. How glucose level can be controlled in diabetic person?


4.  Attempt any two parts of the following:

(a) Write an explanatory note on “Food Allergies and its control.”

(b) What are diet constituents responsible for blood circulatory problems like: Angina pectoris, Sclerosis, Athero-sclerosis, and myocardiac infarction. Suggest diet solutions for one of them.

(c) Why stones are formed in urinary bladder and in kidney? Is it possible to reduce/dissolve stones by diet alone? Please suggest diet remedy.


5. Write detailed note on any two parts:

(a) Metabolic disorders and disturbances.

(b) Low and High calory Diet moderations.

(c) Importance of RAW and REFINED foods.

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