NIT III Sem Biotechnology Syllabus

NIT III Sem BIOTECHNOLOGY Syllabus DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Detailed syllabus 3rd Semester: BT- 201 Microbiology [ 3 0 0 3 ] Unit-I Scope and History of Microbiology: Scope and History of Microbiology, Classification, Characterization, Identification and Nomenclature of Microorganisms, Microscopy, Morphological, Structural and Biochemical characteristics of prokaryotes and eukaryotes (bacteria , yeast, mold, algae, protozoa, … Read more

NIT Jalandhar 1st year Syllabus

NIT Jalandhar 1st year Syllabus All Subject   MA-101 Mathematics-I [3 1 0 4] Formation of ordinary differential equations, solution of first order differential equations by separation of variables, homogeneous equations, exact differential equations, equations reducible to exact form by integrating factors, equations of the first order and higher degree, Clairaut’s equation. Linear differential equations … Read more

NIT Jalandhar VIIth Sem Syllabus for Biotechnology

NIT Jalandhar VII Sem Biotechnology Syllabus Syllabus of VII Semester CH-401 Transport Phenomena [3 0 0 3] Summary of vector and tensor Notation: Vector operations from a geometrical view point. Vector operation from an analytical view point, the vector differential operations, second order tensors, vector and tensor components in curvilinear coordinates, differential operations in curvilinear … Read more