GATE 2018: Aerospace Engineering Question Paper

GATE Aerospace exam was conducted on 3rd Feb 2018 in evening session. As reported by most of the students: Difficulty level of the full exam was Moderate. General Aptitude Section was moderate. 1 mark questions were easy to moderate. 2 mark questions were Easy to moderate. There were lot of Numerical Answer Type Questions. Related … Read more

GATE General Aptitude Questions

General Aptitude Q. 1 – Q. 5 carry one mark each. Q.1  “The dress _________ her so well that they all immediately _________ her on her appearance.” The words that best fill the blanks in the above sentence are (A) complemented, complemented (B) complimented, complemented (C) complimented, complimented (D) complemented, complimented Q.2 “The judge’s standing … Read more