CSVTU Exam Question Papers Basic Civil Engineering BE 2nd Sem May 2008

CSVTU Exam Question Papers Basic Civil Engineering BE 2nd Sem May 2008   UNIT-1 Q1) (a) Write nominal & actual dimensions  of modular & traditional bricks. (a)    What are the requirements of good brick earth earth? Explain in brief. (b)   Write composition of Portland cement and explain setting time of cement (c)    Name important building stones … Read more

CSVTU Exam Papers Applied Physics May 2010

CSVTU Exam Papers Applied Physics May 2010 Q. 1. (a) What is Twin – Paradox ? (b) Give postulates of special theory of relativity and deduc Lorentz Transformation. (c)(i) Two particles came towards each other with speed 0.6 c with respect to laboratory. What is their relative speed? (ii)Deduce Einstein’s mass velocity relation E = mc2 considering the … Read more