Syllabus of GTU Microwave Engineering 7th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Microwave Engineering 7th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication Engineering



Subject Name: Microwave Engineering

Subject Code: 171001


1. Introduction to microwaves:

Microwave frequencies, advantages of microwaves, general and Industrial

applications of microwaves


2. Microwave transmission lines and waveguides:

Transmission line equations & solutions, reflection and transmission

coefficient, standing wave and standing wave ratio, line impedance and

admittance, impedance matching, using stub line, application of smith

chart in solving transmission line problems Introduction to strip lines,

Microstrip lines, parallel strip lines, coplanar strip lines, shielded strip lines ,

Rectangular waveguides-theory and analysis, principle of circular



3. Microwave components & their s-parameters:

Wave-guide tees, magic tees, wave-guide corners, bends, twists,

directional couples, circulators and isolators. S Matrix and its applications

in analyzing microwave components


4. Microwave tubes and circuits:

Limitations of conventional tubes at UHF & Microwave, Klystrons, velocity

modulation, multicavity klystron, reflex klystron, traveling wave tube,

Magnetron. (Without derivations).


5. Semiconductor microwave devices and circuits:

Microwave transistors and integrated circuits, varactor diodes, steprecovery

diodes, parametric amplifiers, tunnel diode and its applications,

Gunn diode and its applications IMPATT diode, TRAPATT diode, PIN

diode, schottky barrier diodes.


6. Radar systems:

Basic principle, radar range equation: powers and frequencies used in

radar, basic pulsed radar system, Factors Influencing maximum range,

Effect of noise, Display Methods, Search and Tracking radar systems,

Moving target indicator (MTI), CW Doppler Radar, Frequency Modulated

CW radar


Text/Reference Books:

1. Microwave Engineering,David M.Pozar, Wiley India 3rd Edition

2. Microwave Devices And Circuits,Samuel Liao, PHI

3. Microwave Engineering, Annapurna Das, Sisirk. Das, TMH 2nd Edition

4. Microwave Engineering, Manojit Mitra, Dhanpatrai & Co.

5. Microwave And Radar Engineering, M Kulkarni, Umesh Publishers

6. Microwave Engineering, Sanjeev Gupta Khanna Pub.

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