Syllabus of GTU Advance Electronics 4th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Advance Electronics 4th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication Engineering

B.E Semester: 4


Subject Code 141101

Subject Name Advance Electronics


1. Transistor at High Frequencies:

Hybrid –pi CE Transistor Model, Hybrid –pi Conductances, Hybrid –pi

Capacitances, Validity of Hybrid –pi Model, Variation of Hybrid –pi

Parameters, CE Short-Circuit Current Gain, Current Gain with Resistive

Load, Single-Stage CE Transistor Amplifier Response, Gain-Bandwidth

Product, Emitter Follower at High Frequencies


2. Multistage Amplifiers:

Classification of Amplifiers, Distortion in Amplifiers, Frequency Response of

an Amplifier, Bode Plots, Step Response of an Amplifier, Bandpass of

Cascaded Stages, RC Coupled Amplifier, Low Frequency Response of an

RC Coupled Stage, Effect of an Emitter Bypass Capacitor on Low-

Frequency Response, High-Frequency Response of Two Cascaded CE

Transistor Stages, Multistage CE Amplifier Cascade at High Frequencies


3. Feedback Amplifiers:

Classification of Amplifiers, Feedback Concept, Transfer Gain with

Feedback, General Characteristics of Negative Feedback Amplifiers, Input

Resistance, Output Resistance, Method of Analysis of a Feedback

Amplifier, Voltage Series Feedback, A Voltage Series Feedback Pair,

Current Series Feedback, Current Shunt Feedback, Voltage Shunt



4. Stability and Oscillators:

Effect of Feedback on Amplifier Bandwidth, Double-Pole Transfer Function

with Feedback, Three –Pole Transfer Function with Feedback, Approximate

Analysis of a Multipole Feedback Amplifier, Stability, Gain and Phase

Margins, Compensation, Dominant-Pole Compensation, Pole-Zero

Compensation, Compensation by Modification of the _ Network, Sinusoidal

Oscillators, Phase-Shift Oscillator, Resonant Circuit Oscillators, A General

Form of Oscillator Circuit, Wien Bridge Oscillator, Crystal Oscillators,

Frequency Stability


5. Operational Amplifiers:

Basic Operational Amplifier, Differential Amplifier, Emitter-Coupled

Differential Amplifier, Transfer Characteristics of a Differential Amplifier, An

Example of an IC Operational Amplifier, Offset Error Voltages and Currents,

Temperature Drift of Input Offset Voltage and Current, Measurement of

Operational Amplifier Parameters, Frequency Response of Operational

Amplifiers, Dominant –Pole Compensation, Pole-Zero Compensation, Lead

Compensation, Step Response of Operational Amplifiers


6. Logic Families :

Diode Transistor Logic, High Threshold Logic, Transistor Transistor Logic,

Resistor Transistor Logic, Direct Coupled Transistor Logic, Comparison of

Logic families.


7. Analog To Digital And Digital To Analog Converters:

Digital to Analog Conversion, R-2R ladder type DAC, Weighted resistor

type DAC, Switched current source type DAC, Switched capacitor type

DAC, Analog to Digital Conversion, Counter type A/D converter, , Flashtype

A/D converter, Dual slope A/D converter, Successive approximation



Reference Books:

1. Integrated Electronics By Jacob Millman and Christos C. Halkias, Tata McGraw Hill Publication

2. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky [Ninth Edition]

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