Sathyabama University Question Papers Measurements and Instrumentation BE Third Sem

Sathyabama University Question Papers

Measurements and Instrumentation BE Third Sem

Answer ALL the Questions

1. Define the terms resolution and sensitivity.
2. What is calibration?
3. State the limitations of Wheatstone bridge.
4. Give the applications on Wien’s bridge.
5. Why is the graduation of scale of moving iron instrument not
uniform throughout?
6. How is damping attained in a D’ Arsonval galvanometer?
7. What are the essential part of a ramp type Digital voltmeter?
8. List out the application of the digital voltmeter.
9. What is recorder? How they are classified?
10. What is the working principle of sampling oscilloscope?
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Explain the working of a standard sweep generator with a neat

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