Sathyabama University Question Papers Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem

Sathyabama University Question Papers

Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem

Answer All the Questions
1. Define Accuracy and Precision.
2. What is zero of the system?
3. What is Piezo electric effect?
4. Explain the principle of strain gauge.
5. Define VCO.
6. What are charge amplifiers?
7. Define Telemetry.
8. Explain the principle of phase modulation.
9. What are Nixie tubes?
10. Define Alpha numeric display.

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Explain the functional elements of measurement system with
suitable block diagram.
12. Explain Dynamic characteristics in detail (any three).
13. Explain the construction and operation of LVDT in detail.
14. Explain the application of instrumentation to a nuclear power
15. Explain the construction and working of Instrumentation
Amplifier in detail.
16. Write short notes on (a) PLL (b) Sample and Hold Circuit.
17. Explain Time Division Multiplexing in detail. Compare its
advantages and disadvantages with FDM.
18. Explain DC Telemetry system in detail with block diagram.
19. Explain construction and working of LCD along with its different
20. Write short notes on (a) Strip chart recorder
(b) Seven segment display

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