Sathyabama University Exam Papers Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem

 Sathyabama University Exam Papers

 Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem



Answer ALL the Questions
1. Differentiate Resolution and Threshold.
2. How are the absolute and relative errors expressed
3. Differentiate sensor from transducer.
4. Mention the use of capacitive transducer.
5. What is multiplexing?
6. What is the need of sample and hold circuit?
7. Explain the characteristics of time domain output device used in
8. What is PAM?
9. What are the different types of magnetic recording?
10. What are the main parts of cathode ray tube?

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Define and explain the static characteristics of an instrument.
12. Draw and explain the general block diagram of measurement
13. (a) Describe the different criteria for selection of transducers for a
particular application.
(b) Explain the different principles of working of capacitive
14. (a) What are the various transducers for temperature
(b) Explain the function of piezo electric transducer.
15. Explain the generalized diagram of a digital data acquisition
system and give the use of data acquisition system.
16. With circuit diagrams explain the following
(a) Voltage Controlled Oscillator
(b) Sample/Hold circuit.
17. (a) Define PDM.
(b) Describe the pulse duration modulation (PDM) as used in
magnetic tape recording and explain its merits and demerits.
18. Write short notes on FM and AM techniques.
19. Explain the internal structure of CRT and describe the principles
of electrostatic focusing.
20. Explain the detail the process of recording and reading in an
audio cassette tape.

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