RGPV Exam Papers Material Science and Eng Materials IV Sem Dec 2004

RGPV Exam Papers

Material Science and Eng Materials IV Sem Dec 2004



Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks. Draw neat Sketches

wherever  necessary. To the point answer and illustration with neat diagram will be given


1. (a)     Define atomic Packing factor (A.P.F.) obtained its expression for S.C., B.C.C. and F.C.C.

(b)     What are 14 braves’ unit sales? Illustrate with neat sketch

2. (a)    Explain the deformation polycrystalline materials.

(b)    What is cold working? Name cold working process. What is the effect of cold working on

Properties? Give limitation and Precaution in cold working.

3. (a)   Explain in brief phase rule with net sketch explain the cooling curve of pure metal . Using

first principle explain on brief the construction of a binary equilibrium diagram

(b)     What is T.T.T. diagram and explain the importance of T.T.T. diagram? Also give the various

steps involved in constructing a T.T.T. diagram.

4. (a)  Explain full annealing process and normalizing

(b)     What is reaction curve? How is it useful in the construction of T.T.T. diagram? List of the

barrier heat treatment process of steel.

5. (a)  What is tempering? What is the propose of tempering steel?

(b)     What are the application and properties of phosphor bronze? Also explain various types

of Brasses in brief.

6. (a)  Explain the following with respect to heat treatment of aluminum:

(i)   Age hardening

(ii) Precipitation hardening

(iii)  Solution treatment

(B)      Explain the following

(i) Flame hardening

(ii) Induction hardening

7. (a)  With the help of a neat sketch show various reaction zones in the blast furnace. What are

the uses of wrought Iron? What is the effect of impurity In iron ores?

(b)  Explain the following:

(i)  Aluminum bronze     (ii) Silicon bronze     (iii) Naval brass

8. (a)  Write shorts notes on any four of the following.

(i)  Thermoplastic And thermosetting plastic

(ii) Polymers’. Plastics and elasmotors

(iii) F.R.P.

(iv) Fatigue failure of a material

(iv) Mechanism of creep

(b) Give brief description of refractory’s, their classification, properties and uses in engineering


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