NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 3rd Sem Electronic Devices And Circuits Lab

NIT Srinagar Syllabus

3th Semester Syllabus

Electronic Devices & Circuits-Lab

Course No. ECE 303 PL T P Credit
0 0 2     1

  1. Study of CRO – Measurement of Voltage frequency and Phase of a given waveform.
  2. To assemble RC circuits and observe its performance in low pass and high pass mode.
  3. To assemble a series and parallel resonant circuit and observe their frequency response.
  4. To measure impedance and bandwidth of a parallel tuned circuit and obtain its quality factor
  5. To measure characteristic impedance of a symmetrical Tee and Pi networks.
  6. To measure image impedance of a given asymmetrical Tee & Pi network.
  7. For a given two port network measure.
    1. ABCD parameters.
    2. h – parameters.
  8. To experimentally determine the characteristic impedance and to plot the attenuation
    1. characteristics of the following circuits.
    2. Prototype low pass filter.
    3. Prototype high pass filter.
  9. To plot impedance and attenuation characteristics of following filters.To obtain diode characteristics
    1. Prototype band-pass filter.
    2. m-derived LPF.
    3. m-derived HPF
    1. To assemble a half wave and a full wave rectifier and to study their performance.
    2. To suppress the ripple using RC filter.
  10. To obtain Zener diode characteristics and to use Zener diode as a voltage regulator
  11. To assemble and observe the performance of clipping and clamping circuits.
  12. To obtain transistor characteristics in the following configurationsTo assemble a CE amplifier and observe its performance.
    1. Common base.
    2. Common emitter
  13. To obtain JFET characteristics and to observe performance of a source follower.
  14. To illustrate use of FET as a voltage variable resistor

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