NIT Rourkela Syllabus BTech Research Methodology


NIT Rourkela Syllabus | B-Tech | Research Methodology 




 Research Methodology       

Objective: The paper aims at equipping students with methods and designs they can

apply in systematic examination and measurement of socio-economic phenomena.Contents:  Introduction to Social Science Research; Types of Research Designs and

Methods; Qualitative Research; Case Study, Observation, Interview, Genealogy,

Questionnaires and Schedules.

Essential Reading:

1.Gupta, S. C. and Kapoor, V. K., Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics, Sultan

Chand and Sons, New Delhi.

2.Bruce E. Wampold and Difford J. Drew, Theory and Application of Statistics,

McGraw-Hill International Editions.

Supplementary Reading:

1.Donald L. Haruett & James L. Mwrphy, Introductory Statistics Analysis, AddisonWesley Publishing Compnay.

1.Goon, A. M., Gupta, M. K. and Dasgupta, B., An Outline of Statistical Theory,

Vol. 1, The World Press Private Limited, Calcutta, 1985.

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