NIT Rourkela Syllabus BTech Organisational Behaviour











                               (Faculty I/C: Prof B. Patnaik )5

2. J. B Miner, Organizational Behavior: Foundations, Theories, and Analyses,

Oxford University Press US, 2001.

Management of Human Resources in Organizations; Managerial roles and challenges in

changing times; Quality of Work life in India; Strategic Human Resource Management:

Essentials, HR Planning, Attracting, Developing and maintaining a quality workforce,

Career management, Performance Appraisal; Managing Organizational Change:

Planned Change; Managing resistance to change ; Organizational Development (OD)

Interventions: Shaping  Organizational Culture;  Organizational Distress and

Organizational Stress Prevention; OD efforts in India ; Leadership as a management

function: Influencing, Inspiring and Rewarding Effort at work; Job design in Indian

Scenario ; Managing Workforce Diversity; Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical

Issues at work, Indian Scenario.

Essential Readings:

1. G. Dessler, Human Resource Management, Prentice Hall, 7


Ed, 2000.

2. S. P. Robbins and M. Coulter, Management, Prentice Hall, 9th Edition 2007.

Suggested Reading:

1. C. V. Memoria and S .V. Gankar,  Personnel Management: Text and Cases,

Himalaya Publishing House, 22nd Ed, 2002.

2. W. C. French & C. H. Bell,  Organisational Development, Prentice Hall, 4




3. S. P. Robbins, Organizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies and

Applications, Prentice Hall, 9th edition, 2001.

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