NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Water Supply Engineering

Water Supply Engineering Syllabus

for NIT Jalandhar

 NIT Jalandhar – Civil Engineering Syllabus

CE 205 Water Supply Engineering [3 0 0 3]

Public Water Supply: Beneficial uses of water, water demand, per capita demand, variation in

demand, causes detection and prevention of wastage of water, population forecasting.
Sources of Water Supply: Surface and underground sources, relation and development of
source in r/o quality and quantity of water, development of wells. Storage reservoir balancing and
service storage, capacity determination by mass curves method. Intake and transmission system:
distribution systems: network design. Hydrology principles, zones of under-ground water.
Quality and Examination of Water: Necessity for examination of water impurities in water.
Sampling of water, physical, chemical & bacteriological quality for domestic water supply.
Drinking water quality standards and criteria.
Water Supply and Drainage of Buildings: System of water supply house connections,
metering, internal distribution, sanitary fittings, pipe joints, different types of pipes and pipes
Water Treatment: Unit operations in water treatment, screening, plain sedimentation tank and its
theory, sedimentation, aided with coagulation, design of sedimentation tank, flocculation sand
filtration, rapid gravity filter, pressure filters, disinfections; Necessary; requirements of a
disinfectant, methods, of disinfecting, different practices of chlorination.
Miscellaneous Methods of Water Treatment: Aerial colour, odors & Taster from water, control,
removal of iron & manganese from water softening processes, base exchange process,
swimming pool water treatment.


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